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"The town clock maker. He inherited a clock shop after his father retired, but he's unserious about his work. He prefers to make his living through gunsmithing instead. He's a very sarcastic person, and speaks harshly about people, but he's actually caring and helpful inside. He's always concerned about Sophie, who he's known for a long time."
          — Official description.

Harol Simens is a character in Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book.

Harol is a resident of Kirchen Bell and inherited the town clocksmith's shop from his father. However, he shows little interest in carrying on the family business. As a result, some of the other residents see him as lazy, as he partially lives off the fortune his father left him, He is sometimes seen getting drunk in Horst Basler's cafe' / bar late at night.

He is initially cold and in-personable to Sophie despite them being past acquaintances. It is revealed he has since taken an interest in firearms and spends most of his day tinkering with then, to the detriment of his shop.


Sophie's persistence in talking to him eventually makes him request her to make gunpowder for him when he runs low on supplies.

Sometime later he requests to tag along with Sophie in exploring and gathering materials, seeing it as an opportunity to test his fire-arms as well as keep an eye on the younger members of the party. Later on, he assists in Sophie creating a power core for Plachta's doll body. He declined at first, but after realizing how much Sophie depended on him he accepted to work on the springs.

Eventually, he goes back to clock making and receives a request to fix an old clock. He asks for Sophie's help to find materials that could replace the defective parts. Harol shows Sophie the fixed clock and it turns out the clock was created by his father a long time ago.

Harold matures and begins to improve his clock making skills again.

In Atelier Lydie & Suelle a merchant in Merveille offers Harol brand watches.


Harol wields a gun, holds multiple daggers, and is able to carry healing items and bombs. Most of his skills deal damage over time. Some of his gun attacks share similarities with Reyfer Luckberry's from the Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky though the characters themselves are very different.





Active skills

Skill Learning condition MP cost Description Target
Attack Default 0 MP Normal attack. Physical damage. Chance to chain attack (up with speed). Single enemy
Quick Throw Default Single enemy
Trick Throw 3 ability points Physical damage + damage over time. Can be performed very quickly. Replaces Quick Throw Single enemy
Sky Blast Level 5 Medium enemy area
Meteor Blast 5 ability points Fire damage. Activates 1 time card (3 turns). Replaces Sky Blast. Medium enemy area
Fast Loader Level 10 Self
Unseen Loader 7 ability points Reduces wait time after turns. Replaces Fast Loader. Self
Aimed Snipe Level 15 Single enemy
Over Snipe 5 ability points Fire damage. Replaces Aimed Snipe. Single enemy

Passive skills

Skill Learning condition Description
Skilled Triggerfinger Hit rate increase. Break increase.
Precision Critical rate increases. Critical bonus increase.
Gun Knowledge Bestows fire resistance. Enhances (Bomb) category items.
Meister Hands Increases chain attack chance. Stable damage.
Lightning Speed 5 ability points Chance to halve wait time after turns.
Quick Shot 5 ability points Reduces wait time after using skills (L). Increases chance of chain attacks (L).
High Density Shot 5 ability points Increases critical hit chance (M).
Nihilism 5 ability points Reduces chance to be affected by status ailments (XXL). Increases base damage (M).

Chain skills

Skill Stance % chain Description
Force Bullet Offense > 200% Offense Act. Chain attack, additional fixed damage.
Burst Rush Offense 300% Special Attack. Powerful chain attack, additional fixed damage.
Multi Hitter Defense > 200% Defense Act. Increases chance of chain attacks.
Deft Rush Defense 300% Special Guard. Reduces enemy chain attack chance, increases chance for allies.