The Final Battle at the Castle

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The Final Battle at the Castle (古城の決戦, Kojō no Kessen) is the eleventh episode of the Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout anime series.


At their hideout, Ryza's group was all set to hunt the dragon at the Weissberg Volcano, where Bos' group was heading by the highway. They planned to take a shortcut through the forest, climb a cliff to reach the Weissberg castle, and finally reach their destination. With all of them prepared to go, they head out.

As they venture forth, they encounter some Red Pixies, and Ryza tries out her Ice Bombs against them. Once the pixies are dealt with, they access the situation and continue onward.

Meanwhile, Bos' group looks exhausted and rests on the side of a mountain. Agatha approaches Bos and Lumbar and informs them that the castle is up ahead and they should return to the village. Despite Lumbar's excitement by Agatha's suggestion, Bos rejects it and demands to know if his father requested it. However, Agatha claims it was her choice; hence, Bos again rejects the suggestion and uses his authority to make Agatha listen to him.

Returning to Ryza's group, Ryza uses the Luft in her staff to scale the cliff to reach the castle walls. From there, Ryza puts on some Wind Shoes to scale the castle walls, and there she lets down a rope ladder for her friends to climb up.

Inside Meteor Castle, Klaudia notes how the castle's dilapidation isn't natural, and Lent follows up, citing the battle damage. It's briefly speculated what caused the damage around the area and how the village never talked about what had occurred there. In any case, they continue onward and soon reach a stone monument with glowing text. Tao gives a rough translation of the text, which said, "Wings of Fire, Summon, Kill". It's suspected that the monument is a summoning device and was supposed to be used against a Philusha, the gem monster they faced off against before. Having an epiphany, Tao finds some broken rubble with some text on the ground and asks that his friends help him find more like it around the area. Tao had hoped to translate the text to give them an edge against fighting the dragon.

Elsewhere, the dragon perched atop a castle pillar spotted Bos' group arrive in the area and immediately attacked them with a blazing fire. Alerted by the scene, Ryza's group head toward Bos' group and ask Agatha where Bos and Lumbar are. Learning from Agatha that they were over the blazing flame, Ryza uses her staff to heal the wound on Agatha's arm, and Ryza's group then fights the dragon.

At first, the group struggled to defend themselves against it. However, thanks to Tao used one of the slabs of the stone monument with the glowing text that read, "Fight Near The Earth". The dragon follows it and falls to the ground; Ryza then tosses one of her Rose Bomb at it, and Klaudia shoots one of her arrows through it, causing it to detonate on the dragon. Taking advantage of the situation, Lent slices the dragon's neck with his sword, but it was still alive. So, Ryza uses one more bomb against it, thereby finally defeating it. A wounded Bos then appears closeby to the group, and although Ryza wants to approach him, he demands that she stay away and laments that they helped him.

Afterward, the dragon hunting party returns to the village where the wounded are tended to, and Agatha personally thanks Ryza's group for defeating the dragon. The thanks from the villagers accompany this, and nearby, Samuel watches and, after taking a swig from his flask, walks away.

Later, Ryza's group and Agatha visit the Brunnen manor, expecting to be chewed out by Moritz for their failure to protect Bos. However, they're surprised to learn that he graciously thanked them all for their endeavor. Agatha then chimes in and suggests that Ryza's group be granted full permission to access the island whenever they please, and Moritz allows it. As the group happily walks away from the manor, they're confronted by Mio and Lubart, who demand answers on what had occurred on the island.

At dusk, Ryza's group sits on the stairway, reflecting on the mixed reactions from the villagers to their accomplishment. They're soon approached by Bos, with whom Ryza tries to strike up a conversation, but was blown off by him despite trying to settle their differences.