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Lubart Valentz is a supporting character in Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout.

Lubart is a traveling merchant looking to set up a continuous and consistent trade route to Kurken Island for their Kurken Fruit. He travels to the island with his daughter Klaudia Valentz and temporarily takes up residence in Old Town.

He has a big interest in collection of gold coins that is scattered throughout the region. Once Ryza had obtained enough amount of it, Lubart will be offer Ryza various exclusive items (of which some are only obtainable from him) to trade in exchange of them.

Family Tree

Lubart Valentz
Klaudia Valentz


Atelier Ryza

Before Klaudia can be unlocked as a party in the game, he puts Ryza through several trials before he allows his daughter to venture outside the island with her.


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