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Kurken Island Residents are the rest of the people living in the village of Rasenboden at inside the island from the game Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout aside from the main and supporting characters. Almost all of them are Ryza's main recipients for obtaining quests.




Barbara is an old lady commonly found near the island's center fountain. She has chronic leg pain of which Ryza occasionally helps to relief her from it. In her old age she reminisces of the past a lot and her quests involves in getting her items that has sentimental memories for her. When she was young, she together with Walter (whose deceased) and Pat, would go visit the mainland and play around.


Romy is a quirky travelling trader who visits the island from time to time. She also asks Ryza some items so her job would be much easier, but she often teases Ryza, much to her annoyance. She has a petite appearance but she is very resourceful and street-smart, specially her hungriness for goods and satisfying customers, although her process is a bit questionable. Romy also appears in the second game as well.


Peter is a journalist from the island who always wants to find scoops and stories to be put in paper. His "next big scoop" are mostly contributions made by Ryza but he also interviews a lot of people, both travelers and local to get useful information on his papers. Before he came to the island, he used to be a reporter in the capital.


Pat is one of the elders residents that to be a renowned person who owns a dyehouse business, and one of the few people left who lives in Old Town. He gave this passion up because of old age but with the help of Ryza, and Rolf becoming his apprentice, the dye workshop once again establishes and become famous. Pat is very passionate about clothing and would unconsciously look at people's clothes in a duration that makes few people uncomfortable.


One of the oldest resident in the island, though he already passed away, and is laid in Old Town's Cemetery. He is good friends with Barbara and Pat (all of them were called Three Little Stooges) when they were young.


Daniel is a well weathered adventurer by trade and is often found at the port in Old Town when he is town. Because of his travels, Ryza is always eager to listen from his voyages; even one of those is him meeting an alchemist, just like Ryza. He is a kindhearted and joyful man, and he loves to joke as is shown whenever he greets her by saying how much she has grown, knowing it will irk her a bit, as this is the way Daniel greets her. According to Ryza, he is well experienced and always prepared showcasing that he has a mature side to him as well. He also knows how to play harmonica, and has a daughter who used to live in the island but left to pursue music. The main reason why he travels all over the world is so that he can reunite with his daughter again.


Rolf is a hardworking handyman who wants to be everyone's helping hand. At first he finds it tricky that he can't find anyone who needs help, but after being an apprentice of Pat on his dyehouse, he learns to be more supportive while balancing the dyehouse and as a handyman.


Jonna is a beautiful girl who is found at one of the terraces near Kurken Port. She longs for a marriageable candidate, of which it has to be a Prince Charming. Her quests revolves around getting her items so that any bachelors sees her, Jonna is perfectly fit for them. Eventually, and due to the side-effects of Ryza's War Powder item, she became skilled in martial arts and became a great fighter. She meets Milos not long after.


Milos is one of the residents that are non-quest NPC. He was once attacked by monsters but Jonna helped him recover. He is apparently a good cook. Milos ended up getting together with Jonna.


Bascila is one of the farmers found in Secluded Farm. She used to visit the mainland's capital few times and would like to visit again, specially just to taste for dessert again. With the help of Klaudia and Ryza, they were able to make an entirely new dessert called Rasen Pudding, of which it started spreading its good taste outside the island. She is known for her "tunneled vision", of which as soon as she thinks of something, her surroundings are ignored. Her quests are important and necessary in order to unlock Pamila.


A goat can be found few times in the game outside the island. It is originally from Bascila's livestock but it always escapes the herd and go on its own adventures, although she reassures that it always comes back. The goat is often given Zettel but just stomps their hooves at it.


Gina is the daughter of the journalist Peter. Like his father, she is very good a writing, and she sometimes dreams of leaving the island and become an established author, but since she's still small she depends on Ryza's adventures for references. Moreover, if her father figures this out he won't let Gina go. Despite the young age, Gina is often showed as a very matured person, often which Ryza comments how dedicated she is about being one.


Cynthia is the only teacher of the island and teaches children on Old Town. She is a very resourceful teacher that wants to teach the little ones in an interesting lessons by making her own book, though she can be very passionate about it and forget to teach. She often asks people around the island in order to achieve this.


Elmer is Cynthia's son and one of the children found at the classroom. He is very active and playful but also yearns attention from his mom.


Edward is the island's doctor. Even though everyone accepts him, he is actually not from the island but cannot remember his memories after being found on the shore. Believing that he came from an army and somehow connected to an alchemist, he tends to ask Ryza to bring him alchemy items and see if he can remember something. It turns out that Edward was indeed on the army long time ago but left with an alchemist to have their own adventure. The two's separation lead to Edward having an accident while travelling along the shore and ended up in Kurken Island.


Fressher is a local merchant that is located in Boden District called Fressher's General Store. Fressher is the only person in the game that has a name where you can buy goods from them; he's located on Boden District of the island and open 24/7. Aside from buying, Ryza occasionally asks Fressher for new information that can help her as an alchemist.

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