The Changing Days

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The Changing Days (変わりゆく日々, Kawariyuku Hibi) is the twelfth and final episode of the Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout anime series.


Episode starts as Empel Vollmer and Lila Decyrus fights a Cluster Beetle at Pixie Forest, together they defeat the creature and the scenes ends. Reisalin Stout, Lent Marslink and Tao Mongarten are at Fressher shop talking with him, while looking some of the stuff he going to dump, she finds a stone table, Klaudia Valentz arrives and warns everyone about Lila Decyrus and Empel Vollmer are back, they all goes together to meet then at Old Town, they are leaving the house because are going to a better place and this one is the Atelier on Pixie Forest, its a safe place to work and distant from the villagers, while talking about the suddenly changes, Reisalin Stout is complemented about how she changed and of course all the others too, Ryza is modest about the complements.

Walking around the village, they all be catch surprise by Romy, and she ask to Ryza about synth a gear to Jonna, after this, Tao Mongarten takes the stone table that fall on ground from and discovers that is actually a map, after discovering about this, they all start to work together to get all the pieces. Start asking Agatha Harmon and the guards where can have more of this tables, this take then to Barbara, she tells that Pat could have some, they go after then, Reisalin Stout got more complements, is clear that she isn't used about this or don't like, while they putting all the tables together, Klaudia Valentz remembers her how she deserve all this recognition.

At secluded farm, one of the Goats bring to then another piece, walking together wondering where can be the next and last part, on middle of the way. Mio Stout and Samuel Marslink are arguing how he could show more interest on how Lent Marslink got better and treat him better, all ends with Karl Stout and Mio Stout looking as he leaves drunk. They two find Lent Marslink, Reisalin Stout, Klaudia Valentz, Reisalin Stout and Tao Mongarten hidden, Ryza's fall on ground by surprise and she asks where they can find more of this table, and this all takes then to her house.

After the tables are set together, the hunt for the chest starts, when open is just a Kurken Fruit seed, Reisalin Stout be upset at the start, but Tao Mongarten remembers how could be a old chest, from a different time when the water on island aren't a regular thing, and the fruits wasn't part of the daily days of the island, they all realize how important and how far together they come as a group in this little time. The next day, Reisalin Stout running from Mio Stout to don't have to do her farm chores, is reveal as she runs away that Mio Stout and Karl Stout are okay with her changes and approves her new passion, as she runs to the secret port, the group be reunited and they go to the Atelier Ryza, find Empel Vollmer and Lila Decyrus.