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Moritz Brunnen is a supporting character in Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout.

Moritz is a powerful and rich aristocrat who has total control of Kurken Island's drinkable water source as well as having a high influence over the politics in the domain. Because of his privileges, he comes very arrogant, selfish and pushover, of which a lot of characters in the game despises this. Despite that, he deeply cares for his son, Bos Brunnen, who comes next in the line for the heritage.


Atelier Ryza

The Brunnen family has been tasked through generations to keep quiet and preserve the existence of the Vortex of White and Blue, which was originally obtained from the Holy Tower of Pynnor. The orb allows the island to have an infinite amount of water source, thus taking advantage of this to have a political power. During Moritz' time he proceeded to keep quiet about this until he passed on this knowledge to his son, Bos.

Family Tree

Moritz Brunnen
Bos Brunnen


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