Chasing Down the Hunting Party

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Chasing Down the Hunting Party' (討伐隊を追って, Tōbatsutai o Otte) is the tenth episode of the Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout anime series.


Ryza visits Klaudia's house to inform Klaudia about the progress she's made on her newest Bomb recipe. As they talk, they stop to overhear the conversation between Agatha and Lubart concerning the appearance of the Red Dragon and the effect it's had on the caravans.

Later, the two talk with Moritz and the village elder about the situation, and he vehemently opposes their proposal on how to deal with it. An argument between Moritza and the elder starts when Moritz proposes they defeat the dragon to preserve the honor of his family name. On the other hand, the elder wants to protect the dragon as it's known to have protected the villagers for generations, but he also wishes they stay on the island as normal. Moritz argues against that, too, claiming it's far too late for things to return to normal. Furthermore, Moritz announces he'll hire a team to slay the dragon, and Agatha opposes the idea, but Moritz hears nothing of it.

Continuing to eavesdrop on the conversation, Ryza and Klaudia worry about hiring people to slay the dragon. Bos accompanied by Lumbar then appears and details that he was the one who suggested that they hire a team to slay the dragon. He also claims he won't let the dragon get the better of him the next time they encounter each other and then meets with his father and others to announce he'll be joining the dragon hunt.

That night, Ryza lays in bed and reflects on what Tao and Lent thought of the decision to hunt the dragon and then their encounter with the dragon. Ryza thinks she should have volunteered as well, but her new bomb recipe is still incomplete.

The next morning, Agatha and two companions visit Samuel to try and recruit him for the dragon hunt. However, Samuel flatly rejects the proposal, citing only fools would agree to it, making one of Agatha's companions speak disparagingly about how they wasted their time speaking to him. Lent, who overheard their conversation, tried to convince his father to agree, but he told his son off, too. After Agatha and her companions leave, Lent confronts his father and asks that he lend him his sword to fight the dragon. Samuel laughs at Lent's request and claims that a fledgling like him has no business fighting against a dragon.

On the day when the dragon hunting party sets off, Bos says goodbye to his father, and on the island, Empel and Lila find a giant footprint left by a "scout". They discern that it'd likely bring trouble for Ryza and the village and press onward to deal with it and the other scouts.

At the hideout, Tao, Lent, Klaudia, and Ryza talk about how the dragon hunting party had set off and will hunt the dragon at the Weissberg Volcano. Bos was also mentioned, and Klaudia notes that they were all friends with him once, but Tao claims that's all in the past, and Lent says Bos refuses to accept them now. As they continue their conversation, Ryza finally completes her newest Bomb recipe and creates a Rose Bomb. With the Rose Bomb in hand, Ryza proclaims they'll help Bos and the others. Tao and Lent were on board, and Ryza claimed they'll meet at the secret port the next day. Ryza then turns to Klaudia, who claims that she'll be fine and, later that night informs her father that she'll be accompanying Ryza and the group to hunt the dragon. Unsurprisingly, Lubart refuses to allow Klaudia to accompany Ryza in the dragon hunt despite her daughter's training.

Meanwhile, in his library, Tao reflects on the glowing text he saw in the ruined area where the dragon originated from and finds a book containing some information about it. At her home, Ryza enjoys dinner with her parents, and as she does, Mio mentions how she's thankful that Ryza didn't join the dragon hunt. As if trying to hide her frustration, Ryza gorges on the food on the table, all while denouncing that she'd "never" partake in the dragon hunt. Lent confronted his sleeping father once again, asking that he lend his sword to fight the dragon. Samuel ignores Lent's request, making Lent claim he'll face off against the dragon with his dull sword, and runs off.

By the crack of dawn the following day, Ryza secretly leaves her home, only to be confronted by her father, Karl. He notes how impressed he was with her clearing out the trash rubble with her bombs that one time and asks if she has another bomb that'll deal with the dragon. Delighted by the question, Ryza answers that she does; hence, Karl allows her to go so long as she and her friends won't get hurt, or else... Mio will give them an earful. Brimming with delightful confidence, Ryza runs off as Karl talks to Mio through the front door of their home, claiming she'll be fine.

As Lent prepared to leave for the dragon hunt, he found his father's sword left outside for him on their porch. Lent takes it and appreciates that his father left it for him.

At Klaudia's house, Klaudia practices her archery, and during it, Lubart watches as one of Klaudia's arrows hits a bull's eye. The shot left Lubart speechless, and Klaudia bowed and left to join Ryza and the others.

Waiting at the secret port, Ryza and her friends wait for Klaudia, who soon arrives, and when she does, they plan on setting off.