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Luon Volk is a character in Atelier Lina: The Alchemist of Strahl.

He has been a friend of Lina Alterier since childhood. Angry with his father, he runs away to a foreign country with Lina following him. The two end up being blamed for the burning of the Fairy Forest and responsible for rebuilding it.

He wants to become a knight, but his father wants him to become a carpenter like him. This has lead to a bad relationship between the two, ultimately leading to him running away. However, despite this he uses his carpenting skills to rebuild the fairies' houses. Lina believes him to be going through a rebellious phase, rather than that he actually hates his father or carpenting.

He is the first party member in addition to Lina and can be found in his house in the Fairy village.

While he tends to be grumpy and speak impolitely, Lina sees past this and the two are good friends. He tries to hide his true feelings from being seen by other people.

After one of the fairy houses he built collapses Luon realizes he has been causing danger to others by working half-heartedly. He once again runs away, but is found in the forest by Lina. She tells him that he is wrong for running away just because of one single mistake, and that his father would laugh at him if he saw what Luon has become. Not being able to stand the idea of being laughed at by the father that he despises, and not wanting to be unable to do something that his carpenter father already can, Luon returns to the Fairy village. This time however, he wholeheartedly embraces his job as the village's carpenter.


Start Gain from Leveling
0 47


The reason I ran away
File:Atelierlina luontalk.jpg Date Year 852, Month 12, Day 30
Location Fairy Forest - Luon's House
People Luon
  • Completing Gerald's 1st request
Summary Luon tells Lina the reason he ran away from home
  • Luon's Amity Lv+1
Transcript Link to transcript of the event

Luon and the Fairies
File:Atelierlina luonfairies.jpg Date Year 853, Month 1, Day 10
Location Fairy Forest
People Luon
  • Had seen "The reason I ran away"
Summary The fairies tease Luon about his nickname that only Lina is allowed to use.
  • Luon's Amity Lv+1
Transcript Link to transcript of the event

A Girl's Jinx
File:Atelierlina luonfairies.jpg Date Year 853, Month 2, Day 24
Location Hengst
People Luon
  • Luon's Amity Lv5
  • Had seen Gerald's event
  • Luon's Amity Lv+1
  • Unlock "A Girl's Jinx" rumor
Transcript Link to transcript of the event

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