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In Atelier Lina, Amity is used to determine Lina's relationship level with the nine party members. Having a certain amount of Amity is necessary in advancing the character's events, and, consecutively, getting several almanacs and unlocking their final skill, but maxing out Amity is not necessary to unlock their special voiced line in the in best ending. With the exception of Luon (who is always free to hire), the higher the character's Amity, the lower their hiring cost (down to 0 cole) will be.

Amity Level

Ok So-So Normal Friend Good Close Best
0-9 10-19 20-29 30-39 40-49 50-59 60

Gaining Amity

Each of the characters starts out at different level in Amity, such Luon starts out at the lowest at Lv0 and Kieth at Lv4.

  • Amity level can be raised by taking the character to battle, with each level the character gains in battle equal to one Amity level. Due to this, it is more beneficial to take the character to dungeon with enemies that reward high amount of Exp such as Amul Lakeside (Spring), Kale Highlands (Winter), and Desert Temple (All years).
  • The other way is by seeing/completing the character's events, which is necessary as it is impossible to max out the character Amity only through battle.
Character Start (Lv) Battle (Lv) Event (Lv)
Luon 0 47
Farrah 1 49
Gerald 3 47
Jung 3 45
Kieth 4 42
Helen 1 38
Marcherra 2 35
Eselin 3 49
Boris 1 40


Atelier Lina: The Alchemist of Strahl

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