Amul Lakeside

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Amul Lakeside is one of the unlockable gathering locations in Atelier Lina: The Alchemist of Strahl. The player can access the location from Schuellein Town.

Unlock Requirement

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Amul Lakeside

Adventure Level 7
Alchemy Level 1
Date Day 26 Month 2 Year 853
Place Schuellein

Once the player fulfilled the requirements, visits Schuellein to encounter an event with Sacha and unlock the location.


Amul Lakeside

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Gathering Point

Near the boats
Adventure Level: ?

Musshell (Normal/Cute) ● Uni (Normal) ● Popeye Fish (Normal)

Leftmost bush of small plants
Adventure Level: ?

Morning Dew (Normal) ● Pepper (Normal) ● Green Pepper (Big/Fresh) ● Grasshopper (Normal)

Flower bush
Adventure Level: ?

Belladonna (Normal/Strange) ● Charm Flower (Normal/Cutre) ● Three Feather (Normal/?)

Rightmost shore
Adventure Level: ?

Pure Spring (Normal) ● Rock Sugar (Normal/Fresh) ● Shiny Dust (Normal)

Adventure Level: ?


Monster List

  • Living Star
  • Kaleido Star
  • Pseudo Puni
  • Golden Puni
  • Stone Spirit
  • Water Elemental

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