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In Atelier Lina, each of the Synthesis types is directly related to one of the alchemy tools. Using tool suitable for synthesis increases the success rate and minimizes the time, which is vital in creating complex items, unlocking locations, and getting desired ending.


  • Each tool caps out at Level 6.
  • The only factor in leveling up tool is number of successful uses i.e. there is no difference between synthesizing 1 Pure Water and 1 Azuro.
  • It is highly recommended to max each tool's level as soon as possible, as this will allow the player to synthesize more complex item in larger amount and at lower time.
  • Certain alchemy tools have higher priority over other due to higher usage, thus the player should focus on leveling the tools that will meet their synthesis goal. Likewise, Carpentry Tool and Bellows have least of use among the tools, meaning that the player shouldn't focus on them unless the situation is otherwise.
Atelierlina normalcauldron.png Level
  • Normal Cauldron
  • My Cauldron - Use Normal Cauldron 8 times
  • Custom Cauldron - Use My Cauldron 10 times
  • Master's Cauldron - Use Custom Cauldron 15 times
  • Miracle Cauldron - Use Master's Cauldron 15 times
  • Ultimate Cauldron - Use Miracle Cauldron 20 times
Best Synthesis Type Weapons and Armors, Sol Oriens
Obtain From the start
Cooking Tool
Atelierlina normalcookingtool.png Level
  • Normal Cooking Tool
  • My Cooking Tool - Use Normal Cooking Tool 8 times
  • Custom Cooking Tool - Use My Cooking Tool 10 times
  • Master's Cooking Tool - Use Custom Cooking Tool 15 times
  • Miracle Cooking Tool - Use Cooking Tool ? times
  • Final Cooking Tool - Use Miracle Cooking Tool ? times
Best Synthesis Type Foods
Obtain Buy from Rose's Alchemy Shop in Hengst (From the start)
Atelierlina normalflask.png Level
Best Synthesis Type Clothes
Obtain Buy from Sasha's Alchemy Shop in Schuellein (From the start)
Atelierlina normalfurnace.png Level
Best Synthesis Type Accessories
Obtain Buy from Chelsea's Alchemy Shop (From Day 22 Month 12 Year 853 onward)
Atelierlina normalcentrifuge.png Level
Best Synthesis Type Medicines and Others
Obtain Buy from Rose's Alchemy Shop in Hengst (From Day 22 Month 6 Year 853 onward)
Carpentry Tool
Atelierlina normalcapentrytool.png Level
Best Synthesis Type Certain carriage's upgrades
Obtain Buy from Chelsea's Alchemy Shop in Felsen (From the start)
Atelierlina normalmortar.png Level
Best Synthesis Type Ores and Gemstones
Obtain Buy from Sasha's Alchemy Shop in Hengst (From Day 2 Month 7 Year 853 onward)
Atelierlina normalbellows.png Level
Best Synthesis Type Certain carriage's upgrades
Obtain Buy from Chelsea's Alchemy Shop in Felsen (From the start)

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