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In Atelier Lina, carriage is the major transportation method used to travel between locations, as well as a place to store materials and synthesized item. The higher spaces in storage, the more items the player can carry, and the higher the speed, the faster the player can travel between locations.

  • The player can only have one carriage at time.
  • Carriage will be carried to the next playthrough, thus having one of the better carriages is recommended.
  • Mora from Hengst's General Store will sell the four upgraded carriages later on in the game, but the Acorn Carriage and Golem Carriage can only be purchased once the player has completed specific higher rank quests from Colette and Claude.
    • Acorn Carriage
    • Golem Carriage can be purchased after the player completed Claude's request: Contest of Strength, by defeated 4 Iron Golems which are commonly found at Felsen Tunnel.

List of Carriages

Normal Carriage (平馬車)
Atelierlina carriagesprite.png Base Storage 130
Base Speed 100
Slot 1
Obtain * From the start
Caravan Carriage (ほろ馬車)
Base Storage 185
Base Speed 120
Slot 2
Large Carriage (大型馬車)
Base Storage 245
Base Speed 80
Slot 3
Princess Carriage (お姫様馬車)
Base Storage 80
Base Speed 300
Slot 2
Hi-Speed Carriage (夢の高速馬車)
Base Storage 50
Base Speed 750
Acorn Carriage (どんぐり馬車)
Base Storage
Base Speed
Obtain From the start
Golem Carriage (ゴーレム馬車)
Base Storage 455
Base Speed 60
Slot 3
  • Complete Claude's request: Contest of Strength
  • Buy from Claude's General Store at Schuellein for 123,200 Gold

List of Upgrades

手荷物フック 整理タナ 増設荷物台 大型増設荷物台 特大増設荷物台 大型車輪 車軸受け 車輪独立懸架 バネ板 スプリング 自動油差し機 てい鉄 風よけ 交通安全お守り 羽根飾り 本革シート どんぐり飾り どんぐり手綱 どんぐりポーチ どんぐりランプ

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