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The Fairy Forest's state at the start of the game

The Fairy Forest (妖精の森 Yousei no Mori) is a location in Atelier Lina: The Alchemist of Strahl and the homebase to both Lina Alterier and Luon Volk. It is burnt down at the start of the story and restoring it is one of the keys to decide the fate of Lina and Luon within the next three years.

Fairy Quest

Through the game, the Elder will give Lina several tasks in restoring the forest back to its former glory. Sufficient progress is required to avoid the premature ending: The Forest's Pullout.

  • Gather 5 Woodchip (Tutorial)
  • Gather 695 Woodchip
  • Fund 1,000,000 Cole
  • Make 50 Fairy Cookie
  • Make 50 Fairy Bread
  • Make 50 Fairy Cake
  • Defeat 50 Puni at Rocken Forest
  • Defeat 50 Radi at Rocken Forest
  • Defeat 30 Salamander at Rocken Forest (Spawn Salamander at various gathering locations)
  • Create 700 Plant Energy

All the tasks contribute toward 99% of the forest's restoration.

Guide for completing tasks

  • Rocken Forest's northeast gathering point is most reliable location in obtaining Woodchip. The player can also synthesis a Mercurius Eyes accessory to speed up the foraging.
  • As Fairy Cake costs minimum of 2 days to synthesis even 1, the player should wait until they unlock the Purple Fairies at the Fairy Board to minimize the days used to synthesis the item.
  • Purfume is very helpful in increasing monsters' encounter rate.
  • Furnace is the best alchemy tool for synthesizing Plant Energy, which the player can create up to 99 per day at the max level, thus it's highly recommended to level up it after the play buy it from Chelsea in Felsen. The player should also stock up Pure Spring, Klein Weed, and Witch's Nail from the shops, as well as gathering the former two from the Rocken Forest, and the latter from the Desert Temple.

Fairy Shop

Once the player successfully funded 1,000,000 Coles, the Fairies will open a shop in the village, selling items.

Fairy Board

Fairy Board allows the player to hire a number of fairies to aid in various task such as synthesis and foraging, which is necessary in completing later tasks in Fairy Quest. After hiring, the player can assign the task for each fairy at the bulletin board in Lina's workshop.

  • The player can only hire up to 3 fairies at a time.
  • Each of the fairies can be assigned the following tasks: synthesis, gathering material, and gathering rumor.

The success rate of assigned task depends on:

  • Color rank from worst to best (Black -> Brown -> Red -> Orange -> Yellow -> Green -> Blue -> Purple)
  • Fairy specialty (Bad -> Normal -> Good)
  • How they like each task


Click here to view events and characters' dialogue at Fairy Forest.

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