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"A big pioneer town thanks to Meruru."
          — Map Description (after development)

Yuvel is a location in Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland.

When Meruru discovers the area, it is a barren and desolate plot of land. The area has been long since abandoned, although Lord Dessier tried to develop the area once before. It was once flourishing with crops, until it was hit when Mt. Velus erupted many years before, causing famine in Arls. In the current time, however, Meruru decides to redevelop the area.

Through various development quests, she is able to make the land fertile again, making it a farming land. Additionally, homes are built onto the land, making it into a small prosperous settlement.

Map Information

Name Ingredients Enemies
Yuvel Royal Crown, Jewel Bean, Hard Potato, Wheat Grain None

Development Quests

Main article: Kingdom Ranks (Atelier Meruru)
  • Blessed Rain
  • Rubble Cleanup
  • Residentials
  • Mobile Meal
  • Specialty Creation
  • Specialty Tonic
  • Specialty Sample
  • N. Mountains Dev.
  • N. Mountains Dev.+
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