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"A cave by the bottom of the volcano."
          — Map Description
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Mt. Velus is a location in Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland.

It is a volcano near Arls that is a key location to the game's main story. The volcano is inactive until an earthquake reawakens Airshatter, the sleeping beast who lives in the depths of the volcano. His full awakening would cause the volcano to erupt, putting the safety of Arls in jeopardy. Meruru must defeat Airshatter as a part of the Volcano Incarnate development quest.

Defeating Airshatter is necessary to obtain the "true" ending of the game, but will also give the player the ability to unlock the 'Strongest Princess' and 'Now, Go Bravely' endings as well.

Many years before the events of Atelier Meruru, the volcano erupted and destroyed the town of Yuvel.

Name Ingredients Enemies
Mt. Velus Flame Plant, Black Ore, Magma Stone, Sea Puddle, Eternity Flame Raum Lizard, Berserker, Flamare, Fire Pixie, T. Bomb Squirrel, Blazing Penguin, Fran Pfeil, Pterosaur, Airshatter

Development Quests

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  • Mt Velus I
  • Volcano Incarnate
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