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This article features information from a game released only in Japan. The editors of this wiki are English speakers, which may cause certain translations or information to be incorrect.

Sphere is a character appearing exclusively in the PlayStation Portable re releases of Atelier Judie: The Alchemist of Gramnad and Atelier Viorate: The Alchemist of Gramnad 2. She also had a small role as a helper in Nelke & the Legendary Alchemists: Ateliers of the New World

Sphere (originally known as "???") is a mysterious girl who appears in ruins. Sphere might have the appearance of a young girl, but it seems that she's actually older than she looks. 

Although she gives the impression of having a quiet personality, Sphere is actually a person with a sharp tongue. After the events of Atelier Judie she tries to behave like a "big sister" in front of others in order to become more mature. Despite this, Sphere is still often very childish at heart. Though her words are often very blunt, she is very compassionate and often sacrifices her own wellbeing for the sake of others. 

She also possess supernatural powers, such as healing wounds magically. Despite the extravagant look of her staff, its appears to have no other use than being a blunt weapon to hit monsters with. She also wears clothes that are perceived as religious to the people of Gramnad. Her diary, sometimes refered to as the "Grimoire", is filled with cute drawings as well as powerful alchemy recipes. She eventually grows stronger than a knight in terms of raw arm strength (without her small stature ever changing).

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Her true identity is that of the spirit of time. Normally she'd have to stay in the spirit world to maintain the correct flow of time, but she sometimes ventures into the human world for reasons such as searching for fellow lost spirit Lapis. She was once a human girl and used to despise the role she was forced to take on, but changes her mind on her duties after meeting Judith, who becomes an incredibly important person to her. Sphere's true dream is to become a patisserie in the spirit world, however.  


Atelier Judie

Sphere is a mysterious girl that Judith meets in Factoa Temple. She appears to have lost her memory. Judith tries to help her, and Sphere agrees to follow her. Until her name is revealed, she will be called ??? in the game. Her introduction event will not trigger unless Judith approaches her alone without any additional party members.

Judith and Sphere journey through the depths of the temple together, solving the mystery of Sphere's identity. It's soon shown that she has several extraordinary powers, such as destroying gates of the temple and healing wounds. Her name is revealed when the two discover Sphere's diary. The diary also unlocks recipes for items that can heal Sphere, as normal items have no effect on her.

Although Sphere is scared and quiet at first, she warms up to Judith. Sphere even mistakes Judith for her mother at one point, as she was humming the same song as Sphere thinks her mother used to. Strangely enough, Judith doesn't know where she learned that song, and thinks that it might even be something she came up with on her own. As she regains more and more of her memories, she starts to think that she'd rather stay with Judith, as she has a bad feeling about her previous self.

When Sphere fully regains her memory it's revealed she is "The Spirit of Time". A long time ago, time was invented by the faults of mankind. But there was no method to control it yet, and the world was at risk of being reduced to nothing. Sphere was forced against her will to maintain the time wheel because of her spirit powers. Even if Sphere wishes that she could have remained oblivious of her past, she decides to return to her work as she wants to protect the world from being destroyed for Judith's sake. She thanks her for their adventure together and says farewell and the game ends. The game's internal Encyclopedia entry for boss Time Shift reveals that this monster was the root of all evil by imprisoning Sphere, making her the titular "Imprisoned Guardian".

Atelier Viorate

Sphere in Atelier Viorate starts out having a very similar introduction as in Atelier Judie, however, her limitations as a party member has been lifted and her events take on a more cheerful and comedic tone. She also has her own character ending.

If Viorate explores the Karotte Village ruins without any other party members, the player will meet Sphere. Even if Sphere is all alone in the ruins, it doesn't seem to bother her very much. Despite this, Viorate ask her if she would like to go with her. While together, Viorate notices that something seems to be bothering Sphere. When Sphere discovers that Viorate is an alchemist, she asks if it's alright if she follows her, since she helped an alchemist in the past. Unlike in Atelier Judie, she doesn't allow being treated as a child by those who are chronologically younger than her.

Sphere will then start to appear in Karotte Village and be available as a recruitable party member. Despite the boxart of the game shows her working as a cashier, it's not possible to hire her to work in the shop. Most of her events take place in the village, revealing information about her such as that she dislikes Nanami because of her rudeness. Like all three of the new characters, her events feature special artwork more frequently than most characters from the original. It necessary to see her ending in order to unlock the two new game modes and for Lapis to appear in the village. While Sphere is a powerful ally who can both heal and deal good damage, it's not entirely unproblematic to hire her. Her character events will stop occuring if the player has previously unlocked her ending, but the player will still lock into her ending if her friendship reaches a high enough value. She can be safely recruited alongside Lapis for Lapis' ending, and if the player hasn't unlocked Sphere's ending they can still use her to obtain other endings. This makes Sphere a relatively difficult character to manage, especially if the player wants access to the Warm Compass teleportation item recipe.

Competing for Viorate's attention, Lapis is like a rival to her[1]. She also knows who Lapis was prior to losing her memory. She first tries to remind Lapis of who she is, but later accepts that Lapis has decided to live with humans and tries to take on her duties in her stead. When Lapis decides to stop the Celestial Floating Ark, she decides to come along as well. During the ending "Lapis End", she reveals that she has been searching for Lapis all along.  

If the player visits the Karotte ruins again together with Sphere, Viorate discovers Sphere's diary at the place the two originally met. Sphere tells her she must have dropped it earlier. Sphere refuses to let her have it at first, but eventually she allows Viorate to read her diary and new items will become available to synthesize. 


Atelier Judie

When first recruited she will be level 50. Her attack is very low, only being at 10 by level 50 and will not increase, but her defense is high. It's not possible for Sphere to wear equipment and there is no hiring fee for recruiting Sphere. Sphere cannot be brought outside the temple as Sphere is a bit scared of the outside and will instead stay behind and wait. She can't be healed by ordinary items. Sphere can't be recruited if the player has other adventurers hired already. 


Skill Level Learned MP or LP Usage Skill Description


Starting level. 30(MP) Recovers Judie 's HP.


(Not Afraid, not Afraid)

Starting level. 20(LP) Recovers Judie 's MP.

Atelier Viorate

Sphere can be equipped with two different kinds of weapons in battle - staffs and hammers. Her battle capabilities have been greatly improved, and she can provide support as well as deal high damage.


Skill Level Learned MP or LP Usage Skill Description


Starting level. 30(MP) Recovers one ally's HP.


(Become healthly)

Starting level. 100(LP) Revives one ally.
ふるぼっこ Starting level. 70(LP)


(Spirit's protection)

Starting level. 50(MP) Improves abilities and resist.


  • She loves sweet things, especially berry jam. She hates spicy foods, and anything bitter (like medicine).
  • She was featured on the cover art of both the Gramnad Series ports for PSP.
  • She has troubles reading, but her drawing skills are praised for being cute by both Judie and Viorate.
  • Despite only appearing in the PSP-versions, she has proved to be one of the most popular characters in the Gramnad series - reaching third place within her sub-series during the life-sized tapestry votings held during the Atelier series' 20th anniversary. [2]



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