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This article features information from a game released only in Japan. The editors of this wiki are English speakers, which may cause certain translations or information to be incorrect.

Brigitt Sihern is a supporting character appearing in Atelier Viorate: The Alchemist of Gramnad 2.

Brigitt is a rich girl from the city. She has knowledge in shop keeping. She's arrogant towards "country bumpkins" such as Viorate, but will completely change her demeanor around people of higher status.

Brigitt moved from Hafen to Karotte Village for treatment of her illness. She hates the country life and her dream is to cure her illness and return to the city again. She dislikes Viorate and looks down at her, but since Brigitt likes Rodefried, Brigitt gets Viorate to pretend they are friends.[1][2]


After a turbulent night, Birgitt's mansion suddenly appears in Karotte Village. Soon after, Brigitt appears in the village, where she quickly shows that she looks down on people living out in the country. She develops a crush on Rodefried, who is helping her get accustomed to the village. Because she doesn't have any friends yet, Rodefried also asks Viorate to make friends with her. However, despite Viorate's best intentions, Brigitt shows no interest in making friends unless it's to look good in front of her crush.

Brigitt can be hired as a clerk or party member. As a clerk, she costs 500 cole per month to hire.[3] She will keep the shop open even if she stays past her employment period.[4] If she can be afforded as a clerk, she is a reliable clerk who will not skip work and will generally be good for Vio's reputation.[5]

Brigitt can also visit Viorate's shop, Violaden, as a customer. Brigitt has a lot of money, and finds the rarity important when purchasing a ware. She's also one of the participants in the yearly contest, and the player can get different events depending on if Viorate defeats her or not.

If the player befriends Brigitt enough her illness will get worse and it will be up to Viorate to find a cure (Elixir). After being cured, she may sleep over at Viorate's house.


Brigitt fights with gauntlets in battle.[6] She can equip clothes, dresses and light shields as armor.[7]


Skill Level Learned MP or LP Usage Skill Description
Mental Unification 15 Recover a small amount of MP and LP
Palm Point Shot Starting level 25 MP Decrease an enemy's defenses
Reflect 7 Reflects damage dealt back to an attacker
Totsugeki Starting level 34 LP Co-op attack with Viorate, damaging a vertical row of enemies


  • Notably, Brigitt is one of the few characters to have a character-based ending in the game, and was even the only character to have such an ending in the original PS2-version. Additionally, there's several CGs tied to her events and also an animated cutscene.
  • The character's name was taken from a goddess in Irish mythology.
  • It's hinted that her family's monetary wealth is not as great as that of Eisel Weimar's family.
  • She's featured on the cover of Gust Best Price edition of Atelier Viorate.
  • Brigitt's storyline served as the basis of the manga adaption of the game.



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