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Dastin Schmied is a character appearing in Atelier Viorate: The Alchemist of Gramnad 2.

Dastin owns and operates a weapon shop in the city of Hafen, which he inherited from this father.[1] He is a cheerful and optimistic young man who is passionate about weaponry.

Viorate can buy weapons and armor from Dastin's shop. He also has the ability to repair weapons. Repaired weapons will sell for a higher value if being sold through Viorate's shop.


Dastin can be hired as an adventurer into Viorate's party. Befriending Dastin early on is beneficial for the possibility that Dastin will provide Viorate with rare ingots or weapons that can be sold as souvenirs in her shop.[2] 

He can learn a bargaining skill which will make buying items at stores much cheaper while he is in the party.[3] This is hugely beneficial, as these items can be re-sold at Viorate's own shop for more profit.


Dastin can be hired for a fee ranging from 63-30 cole.[4] His starting level is 10.[5] Dustin uses a hammer in battle. He can equip light armor, light shields and heavy shields.[6] He has high attack power, but his accuracy is fairly low and he also has low starting MP.[7] However, his weaknesses can be improved through equipping accessories or equipment for him.


Skill Level Learned MP or LP Usage Skill Description



Starting level 42 LP Damages one enemy and reduces defense



Starting level 35 LP Attack a single enemy, dealing LP damage


Weapon Polish

Starting level 8 LP Attack power will increase on next turn



15 Items can be purchased for cheaper while shopping at stores


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