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This article features information from a game released only in Japan. The editors of this wiki are English speakers, which may cause certain translations or information to be incorrect.

Lapis(ラピス, Rapisu) is a supporting character appearing in Atelier Viorate: The Alchemist of Gramnad 2. She was introduced in the PSP enhanced port of the game. Lapis also appeared as a helper in Nelke & the Legendary Alchemists: Ateliers of the New World.

Lapis is a mysterious young girl who moves in with Viorate and Bartholomaus after showing up mysteriously in Karotte Village. She seems to fear fellow mysterious girl Sphere, who she also has troubles getting along with. The two compete over the attention of Viorate, and she does sometimes act a bit spoiled.

She has a habit of watching the sky, which makes her nostalgic for her home. Like Judith and Sphere, Viorate and Lapis have a strong bond. Viorate looks after her and considers her an integral part of her household.


Lapis will appear if the player has the clear data for Sphere's ending. She will appear very early in a new game but the player won't be able to interact with her much without first recruiting Sphere. To unlock her, go to the mayor's house in Karotte Village to find her outside of the mayor's house. Lapis appears to have amnesia, and remembers nothing but her name. Worried that the Lapis might catch a cold, Viorate dresses her in her clothes from when she was younger. From thereafter, Lapis moves into Viorate's house.[1] Once unlocked, Lapis will appear in the workshop area of Viorate's house and she'll become available as a party member.

Lapis often looks at the sky. The sky gives her a very nostalgic feeling, as if someone is calling. Sphere knows about that Lapis is not an ordinary human, and that she's only denying the truth and delaying the inevitable by refusing to return to her true home. Lapis disagrees with this, and intends to stay and always live with Viorate, telling Sphere to return alone. Accepting her decision, Sphere decides to take on her duties in her place.

When Sphere collapses, Lapis reveals that she has regained her memory and decides to no longer put her duties aside. Together with Sphere and Viorate they face the Celestial Floating Ark, which Lapis was supposed to manage in the first place. After accomplishing this, Lapis accepts the role she is destined for, but remains at Viorate's house until the end of the game.

During Lapis' ending, Sphere reveals that she and Lapis are actually spirits who control and manage the dimensions of the world. Like Sphere, she was once a human girl who was made into a sprit to protect the world from disaster. Sphere is the spirit of time, and Lapis is the spirit of airspace. Sphere also reveals that she was searching for Lapis all along. The two then return to the spirit world, promising to meet Viorate again one day. In the picture shown in the scene, Lapis is shown wearing a similar outfit as Sphere.


Lapis can be equipped with three different kinds of weapons in battle. Like Sphere, Lapis has a versatile skill set and is free to hire. However, her events will inevitably start to trigger if even if the player only keeps her in the party for a relatively short while.

Although a strong ally, the player will have have to balance this against that she'll most likely limit what ending the player qualifies for at the end of the game. The player may not have a lot of time to level her up before the unavoidable boss battle of her storyline, so it's recommendable to prepare equipment for her as quickly as possible or even before recruiting her.


Skill Level Learned MP or LP Usage Skill Description
シルフェスアーテム Starting level. 80 (MP) Recovers HP, MP and LP of all party members


(Poison Mist)

Starting level. 50 (MP) MP damage to all enemies and inflicts poison.
アイス・ヴェレ Starting level. 60 (MP) Ice element damage to all enemies
ショック・ヴェレ Starting level. 50 (MP) HP and LP damage to all enemies


  • She hates carrots.
  • If both Lapis and Sphere are in the party together, some of their skill animations change.



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