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This article features information from a game released only in Japan. The editors of this wiki are English speakers, which may cause certain translations or information to be incorrect.

Witoss Lotps is a character appearing in Atelier Judie: The Alchemist of Gramnad.

Witoss is a member of Metterburg's Commerce and Industry Financing Guild. While charismatic at first glance, he turns ruthless and relentless when it comes to collecting debts from those who owe him money. He is also known by the name the "lotus hawk".[1] Despite this, he seems to have a weakness when it comes to women, including Judie.

He likes money and dislikes debts, and his dream is to become the best usurer in the Kingdom of Finden[2]. He wears glasses once in a while when he needs to do detail work.


Witoss is the first person Judith meets after she breaks out of the ruin of a house she woke up inside. From talking with Witoss, she also finds out that she has traveled to the future. Witoss then lends her money for a room she can use as workshop. However, Judie soon finds out that he's not as generous as he first seemed, but a loan shark. Even if she has a bad feeling of that she's being tricked, she ends up agreeing to his offer.

Witoss will visit Judie's workshop time to time and demand payment on the loan. Judith must pay back five times the money she borrowed, in other words - 50 000 cole. As long as the player does not possess the money Witoss will take an item as payment instead for each visit. He can also be recruited to the party early on in the game, and can form an "odd friendship" with Judie (as she puts it). He can be found in Wern or Metterburg.

If Judie's popularity is high and enough time has passed in the in-game world, Witoss will come to the workshop and inform her that she's become super popular. Soon he is overrun by fans wanting to see a glimpse of the "miraculous" Judie. While Judie is bothered by her new celebrity status, he tells her to be happy about it and accept the offerings they left (834 cole). This event has a CG associated with it.

He likes to tease Judie, but despite this she comes to believe that Witoss is helping others through his work and defend him. Witoss himself however states that the reason he became a loan shark might simply be because he likes money. Despite this, he seems to carry a sense of guilt over his actions and doesn't want Judie to see his cruel and stern side.

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

In the ending where Judie returns to the past he continues as a loan shark. However, it is shown that he has begun taking the feelings of the loan taker into consideration more, and attempts to restrain his ruthless side. In the second ending where Judie stays in the future, he guides Judie to her new atelier built by her friends.


Witoss can be recruited fairly early on for a fee of 60. He is cheap to hire and has a variety of weapons and armor to equip including knives, whips, clothes, light armor and shields.[3] He has a mix of skills that are useful in and outside of battle, such as being able to view enemy HP, MP, and LP or see upcoming cards when travelling. While a versatile and cheap character to hire, he will cause a penalty to be applied to the player's popularity in Metterburg and Wern.


Skill Level Learned LP Usage MP Consumption Skill Description


Starting level. 5 Steal an enemy's item.
Kanarogeru Starting level. 36 Can only be used with knives. Attacking skill.
Estimation (目算) 10 1 See the enemy's HP, MP and LP. 
Expert Opinion 20 77
Farsightendess 30 16


  • In the manga adaption of Atelier Judie, Witoss is Judith's love interest. However, this adaption most likely isn't canon, and the author states in the afterword that the story was written that way out of personal taste. However, in the first drama CD Pamela assumes that Judie is in love with Witoss, although this is mostly played for comedy.



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