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This article features information from a game released only in Japan. The editors of this wiki are English speakers, which may cause certain translations or information to be incorrect.

Esmeralda (known more commonly as "Mel") is a character appearing in Atelier Judie: The Alchemist of Gramnad.

Esmeralda is a warrior living in Risa, where she is seen as a hero and "Risa's Goddess"[1] after protecting the town from monsters. However, she could not protect her parents during the event which has left an emotional scar on her, and she now aims to become even stronger. Her ultimate goal is to become strong. She is well liked by all who know her, and is kind to others but is strict on herself.[2]

In her childhood, she lived by the mountain side of Boccamberg, and studied the way of the sword under her teacher Myuren. After her teacher passed away, she moved to Risa.

She views Judith a bit like a younger sister, and when Judith is troubled Esmeralda quotes her teacher's words to encourage her.[3] She dislikes bugs and likes to read.[4] When in town, she wears her hair down long, but wears it up when she is out adventuring. 


Esmeralda can be hired as a party member for a fee of 200.[5] She can be equipped with knives and swords. She can wear light and heavy armor, as well as dresses and shields[6]. She has high defense and agility.[7] There seems to be no disadvantages when traveling with Esmeralda in the party.[8]


Skill Level Learned LP Usage MP Consumption Skill Description

Mel Blitz

Starting level. 72 Powerful sword attack.
My Cradle Starting level. 25
Charge 20 4 Raise attack power for next turn.
Thunder in the Sky 30 N/A 40 Lightning attack.
Einzel Comp 95 99 Ultimate sword attack.


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