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Regina Kurtis is a playable character in Atelier Ayesha: The Alchemist of Dusk and Atelier Resleriana: Forgotten Alchemy and the Polar Night Liberator.

Regina is a long time friend of Ayesha, and considers her a younger sister. Regina is an excavator in Riesengang who sells artifacts found in various ruins for a living.

Despite being a woman, she is incredibly strong and well respected among fellow excavators. Most of her fellow excavators consider her 'one of the guys,' and seem to forget that she is in fact a woman. She is also the strongest of all the men, and always seems to be the favorite of the Boss for her incredible skills.

She is a fun loving and kind person who also loves to drink. She also has many younger brothers and sisters and is the oldest of her siblings, which causes her to instinctively act like a mother at times. She is the first recruitable party member who can be recruited at any time at her home in Riesengang. Regina also allows Ayesha to use her home as one of her workshops. She has her own store at the bazaar in Vierzeberg and sells many ores and stones.

Atelier Resleriana


Name Stars
Regina Ruins Excavator ★ 1


Regina becomes recruitable after Ayesha goes to her house for the first time.

She is one of the first people that Ayesha asks for help while searching for her sister Nio. Regina takes Ayesha to the city and helps her search for clues about her sister's disappearance. She remains upbeat and positive, constantly reassuring Ayesha that Nio is alive and well. Regina is a reliable party member in battle, possessing good physical attack power and a wide range of skills.

Ayesha can help Regina clear out a group of slags in her hometown of Riesengang, which will later help in creating a shortcut from the Oesten Marshland on the other side of the map.

By traveling with and befriending Regina, her series of events can be completed in order to complete her ending. Regina will help to repair the broken bridge in the Tunnel area before deciding to retire as a prospector. In her ending, Regina returns home to spend time with her family.

In Battle


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Iron Pickax 7 - - 6 - - - - - -
Twisted Pickax 16 - - 8 - - - - - -
Alloy Pickax 25 - - 10 5 - - - - -
Strong Pickax 33 10 - 13 - 5 - - - 20
Diamond Pickax 42 20 - 15 5 - - - 20 -


Skill MP/AC Usage Skill Description
Double Smash 5MP Deal physical damage to target and increase damage target takes by 10%.
Stone Crack 12MP Deal  physical damage to a small area and also decrease their attack.
Flare Blast 10MP Deal fire damage to a medium area. May inflict blind.
Rock Blast 20MP Deal fire damage to all enemies, and knock back their turns.
Lady End Super Deal huge physical damage to a target.
Timer Blast 2AC Deal fire damage. May inflict weak status.
Smoke Bomb 1.5AC Flee a normal encounter or increase evasion for special battles.
Prospective Guts N/A Chance of keeping 1 HP when KO'd in battle (Passive)
Woman's Nerve N/A Increase evasion and critical by 15%. (Passive)


Ending - Regina


"Yes, hello! Well, like always, let's take it easy."
          — Harry's Exhibition's Participation


  • Ayesha and her didn't meet for at least a year since the last time she visited her workshop.


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