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This is a list of all necessary events to see Regina's ending in Atelier Ayesha: The Alchemist of Dusk

Events in Atelier Ayesha

  1. Visit Regina's house in Riesengang when Regina has 20+ friendship. 
  2. Visit Riesengang's Plaza.
  3. With Regina in your party, go prospecting into Riesengang's Upper Area. Clear out all the enemies.
  4. Move on to Riesengang's Middle Area, and clear out all the enemies on this screen. After this, report to the Boss.
  5. Travel to Oesten Swamp (Marsh Area) on the world map with Regina in the party.
  6. Re-visit Riesengang's Middle Area. After hearing Regina's story, Ayesha will get the "Exterminating Slags" entry for her memory diary.
  7. Travel to the Oesten Marshland with Regina when her friendship reaches 50+.
  8. Go to any forested area with Regina in your party on the world map.
  9. During any monthly bazaar, visit Hornheim (Balloon Area) or Vierzeberg (Bazaar Street) to introduce Regina to Juris. Juris must be available as a recruitable party member.
  10. Visit Vierzeberg's Bazaar Street during a montly bazaar, after Regina meets Juris.
  11. Locate Ernie on the world map and speak to him.
  12. Go to Regina's house in Riesengang.
  13. Have Juris in your party and bring him to Regina's house. This rewards you with the "Big Sister's Heart" trophy.
  14. Fifteen days after the previous event, visit Regina in Riesengang. Ayesha will write down the "Tailor" memory in her memory diary.
  15. With Regina in your party, visit any forested area on the world map when Regina's friendship is 80+.
  16. Visit Regina's home after Nio has been saved and the post game (Year 3 or later) has started. 
  17. Go to any forested area with Regina in your party once again.
  18. Visit the Tunnel (Broken Bridge) with Regina in your party. She will ask for Adhesion Jelly.
  19. Bring Regina Adhesion Jelly (x3) to the Tunnel area. You will obtain the 'Last Labor' trophy.
  20. Visit Regina at her house one last time. 
  21. At the game's end, choose "I promised Regina" to see Regina's full ending and unlock the "Future of a Female Prospector" trophy. 


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