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Lionela Heinze is a playable character in Atelier Rorona: The Alchemist of Arland. She also appears in Atelier Lulua: The Scion of Arland.

Calling no place home, Lionela travels the kingdom as a street performer, with her trusted friends Aranya and Horoholo, her puppets.

Lionela is a somewhat ditzy girl, which gives her some common ground with Rorona, allowing them to become good friends. In addition, she is a very quiet and mysterious girl, and is quite prone to apologizing for everything. Lionela is a kind individual who is very grateful for the companionship Rorona provides.

Years later she returns to Arland and opens the Ar Hollow bar. She serves as the owner, performer and bartender. Lionela becomes renown as Arland's "queen of the stage", and while she's still easily embarassed, she has won over her shyness by the time Atelier Lulua takes place.


Atelier Rorona

Atelier Lulua

The Ar Hollow bar she settled in Arland is now a place where Lulua can take on requests.

In Battle


Main article: Weapons (Atelier Rorona)
Name Ingredient Choices ATK Effect
A11 item 185.png
Weaved Bracelet
?Normal Bracelet?
9 Aranya Cure
Demon Busting
Horoholo Freeze
A11 item 186.png
Silver Bracelet
?Metal Bracelet?
Ster Metal
22 Aranya Cure
Demon Busting
Horoholo Freeze
Aranya Recovery
A11 item 187.png
Rune Bracelet
?Magical Bracelet?
Scale Cloth
30 Demon Beast Busting
Horoholo Freeze
Aranya Recovery
A11 item 188.png
Spiritual Bracelet
?Glowing Bracelet?
Platine 44 Demon Beast Busting
Horoholo Freeze
Aranya Recovery
Horoholo Blizzard
A11 item 189.png
Gold Bracelet
?Pretty Bracelet?
Halmolium 53 Aranya Rcovery
Horoholo Blizzard
Demon Busting
Healing Dance


Main article: Armors (Atelier Rorona)
Item Ingredient Choices Stats Effect
A11 item 202.png
Cloth Skirt
Evasion S
A11 item 203.png
Durable Skirt
DEF: 10 DEF+
Resist Paralysis
A11 item 204.png
Velvet Dress
?Soft Dress?
DEF: 20 Max HP+
Evasion S
Less Water Damage
Resist Sleep
A11 item 205.png
Madame's Dress
?Royal Dress?
DEF: 30 DEF+
Less Chance S
Less Damage S
Resist Curse
A11 item 206.png
Rose Maiden
?Dangerous Dress?
Scale Cloth
ATK: 15
DEF: 40
Resist Poison
Avoid KO S
A11 item 207.png
Gorgeous Dress
?Beautiful Dress?
Scale Cloth DEF: 50
SPD: 10
Max HP+
Less Fire Damage
Evasion S
Less Chance S
A11 item 208.png
Saint Robe
?Saint's Costume?
Velvetis DEF: 60
SPD: 20
Resist Curse
Less Damage S
Resist Blind
A11 item 218.png
Lady of Steel
DEF: 29 Max HP+
Resist Death
Less Wind Damage
Critical S
A11 item 219.png
Night Cloak
?Black Cloak?
Tanbeash DEF: 55 ATK+
Resist Blind
Less Water Damage
Critical S


Main article: Skills (Atelier Rorona)
Skill Name Skill Detail Element Target Unlock
Aranya Heal

Small HP Restore

Expanded Skills: Aranya Cure, Aranya Recovery, Healing Dance

-- Single
Horoholo Magic

Water Elemental Damage

Expanded Skills: Horoholo Freeze, Horoholo Blizzard

Sixth Sense Evasion Rate up by 5%, plus the % skill level -- N/A
Great Nature Increases support for elemental damage. -- N/A
Psionic Doll Damage to all enemies -- Multiple

Atelier Rorona Plus

She becomes playable during the fourth assignment, after a series of events with Rorona. She starts at level 8, equipped with Weaved Bracelet and Traveler's Wear.


Lionela's main role is that of a healer. Aranya Heal is her main healing skill, available since the moment she joins, and after some levels she gains access to Healing Dance, an area healing assist skill. At higher levels she also gains the ability to resurrect KO members with Aranya Recovery. As the names of these skills suggest, Aranya is the puppet performing them.

In terms of offensive capabilities, she has access to two ice element spells: Horoholo Magic (single target active skill) and Horoholo Blizzard (area assist skill). In contrast with the healing skills, Horoholo is the one performing these skills.

Active skills
Skill Learning Condition MP cost Description Target Attribute
Aranya Heal Default 12 MP Heals a unit. Heal amount depends on your strength. Single ally None
Horoholo Magic Default 20 MP Ice damage on an enemy. Single enemy Ice
Aranya Recovery Level 25 46 MP Heals a unit and also heals unconsciousness. Single ally None
Trio de Vale Level 35 0 MP *Deadly* Applies damage to all enemies. All enemies Physical
Passive skills
Skill Learning Condition Description
Sixth Sense Level 10 Evasion rate up by 15%.
Great Nature Level 20 Resistance to ailments.
Assist skills
Skill Learning Condition Assist Gauge consumption Description Target
Assist Attack Default 1 point Perform an additional attack to deal damage after Rorona attacks with items or skills. Rorona's target
Assist Guard Default 1 point Guard Rorona when she is targeted, taking damage in her place. Rorona
Healing Dance Level 15 1 point (second attack) Heals entire party. Heal amount depends on strength. All allies
Horoholo Blizzard Level 30 1 point (third attack) Physical and ice damage on multiple enemies. All enemies


Ending - Lionela


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