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Below is a listing of the events required to see all of Lionela's character events necessary to obtain trophies.

Events in Atelier Rorona

Lionela's ending requires achieving the requirements for the Normal Ending.

  1. In Year 1, Month 9, Day 7, there will be an event introducing Lionela in the Square. The following day, another event will occur. After that, in a week, yet another event will trigger. At this point, friend quests are now available for Lionela.
  2. In Year 1, Month 10, Day 6, there will be another event in the Square. A week later, Lionela will be available for hire.
  3. Starting Year 2, Month 3, go adventuring with Lionela when her friendship is 30+ for a scene. The next day, Lionela will appear at the Workshop for an event, and sometime after that, another event will trigger at the Workshop.
  4. When Lionela's friendship is 60+ (starting at Year 3, Month 2), head to Traveler's Way with her in the party. In a random area, an event will occur. Two days after this event, Lionela will come to the Workshop.
  5. Starting Year 3, Month 5, go to the Square for an event. A week afterward, Astrid will provide a recipe that must be synthesized.
  6. After synthesizing the item from the aforementioned recipe, talk to Lionela to trigger her final event.


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