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In Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland, there are 11 different endings, not including individual character endings. One additional ending was added in Atelier Meruru Plus, and it was later added for the Japanese PlayStation 3 version in a downloadable patch (Patch ver 2.02).


Castle Life

This can be considered the "bad" ending, and occurs when Meruru is not able to get the extension at the end of the third year, or is not able to meet the 100,000 population goal by the end of the fifth year.

If the player is going for all possible endings, it's recommended to try and fail the first goal at the end of the third year to finish this ending up faster.

If at any time Meruru's popularity rating falls to 0, her task will be ended automatically by her father Lord Dessier, resulting essentially in a Game Over, and the player will not achieve this ending.


Get the extension at the end of the third year, and meet the population goal of 100,000 by the end of the fifth year without meeting other requirements for the other endings.

A Rich Nation

  • Finish all of the Yuvel developments and awaken Airshatter.
  • Make the Rime Crystal and Ice Cascade Bomb.
  • Defeat Airshatter WITHOUT Gio in your party.
  • Return to Arls to deliver the news of Airshatter's defeat.
  • Year 6: 4/1 - A Rich Nation Ending

Miss Popular (NG+ only)

In order to achieve this ending, you must unlock all of the individual endings for all 11 characters (Rufus and Hanna included). The extension into the fifth year must also be achieved.

Alchemist (NG+ only)

  • Complete the events for Gio's ending requirements before Yuvel development.
  • Gio must be in your party before developing Yuvel.
  • Visit Yuvel again with Gio in your party.
  • Follow the requirements for "A Rich Nation" ending. Gio MUST be in your party when defeating him.

Now, Go Bravely

  • Finish the first "Modis Ruins" development
  • On October 1st in Year 4, then Hanna will tell you about Lizard attacks once you visit Namiki Road
  • Visit Modis Ruins and defeat some of the lizards. Masked G will appear in a cutscene after defeat the initial group of lizards (doesn't matter if Gio is in your team or not).
  • Continue defeating lizards until a cutscene plays telling you to return to Rufus.
  • Synthesize the required items and deliver them to Hart Outpost.
  • Ask Sterk for training, defeat him and wait until the report about the lizard chief.
  • Go to Moldis Ruins again and defeat the lizard boss (Meruru alone in this battle).
  • Masked G will challenge you for a battle.
  • Lose the battle.

Strongest Princess

  • Meet all requirements for the "Now, Go Bravely" ending but beat Masked G in battle.

Finally, As Planned

  • Reach Alchemy lvl 10+ to unlock event when Astrid, Rorona, and Homs arrive at Workshop.
  • After 30 days, visit Artisan's Way to open Astrid's Shop.
  • Build the Library.
  • At Alchemy lvl 28+ Astrid will come to the Workshop and request you build three archive facilities.
  • Built at least one archive facility and Astrid will reward you with a few items.
  • Build a second archive facility and the city's well water will turn to chariot milk.
  • 7 days after the well water turns into milk, an event will take place at the workshop and Astrid will fix the well.
  • After Year 4: 10/1 Astrid will stop by the workshop, only to be scared off by Rorona.
  • 14 days after the previous event, Astrid will catch Meruru eavesdropping and will force you to make the Merulixir.
  • Have a Unicorn Horn and make a Drachen Elixir and Secret Remedy to discover the Merulixir recipe.
  • After creating the Merulixir, visit Astrid at her shop and speak with her.
  • Start building the third archive facility to find a notebook about a demon.
  • Talk to Astrid at her workshop for more information.
  • Examine the gathering point behind Chim at the Modis Ruins.
  • After learning of Endless Corridor you'll get more information about a sealed demon from Astrid.
  • 14 Days after learning of the Endless Corridor, you'll gain access to the area.
  • At the end of the Endless Corridor, Meruru must defeat the Twilight Maiden and receive the Abyssal Soul.
  • With the Abyssal Soul, return to Arls and speak to Astrid. She will teach Meruru the recipe for the Potion of Youth.
  • Create the Potion of Youth. Afterwards, head to the Tavern for a scene. Additionally, speaking to Hagel and Pamela afterwards can yield some bonus scenes.
  • Synthesize anything at the workshop after the previous scenes. Totori will lecture Meruru in a scene.
  • After the previous scene, synthesize another item at the workshop for another scene with Totori. This will unlock the "Alchemist's Dream" memo in Meruru's notebook.
  • At some point, Esty will come to the workshop looking for the Potion of Youth.
  • Year 6: 4/1 - Finally, As Planned Ending

Witch's Tea Party

  • Meet all of the requirements for the "Finally, As Planned" ending.
  • Complete the Yuvel events until synthesizing Ice Cascade Bomb.
  • Reach Alchemy Level 50.
  • Synthesize any item after hitting Alchemy Level 50 and get a scene with Totori and Astrid. This will unlock the "Certified!" memo in Meruru's notebook.
  • Year 6: 4/1 - Witch's Tea Party ending

Boy's Bath

  • Make the Living Shovel and Dowsing Rod for Peter (after Yuvel I has been completed).
  • Finish Peter's chain of events related to the Hot Springs. This ends when Esty goes to search for the springs but later returns to the Tavern unable to find anything.
  • Finish all of the development for Yuvel and defeat Airshatter (with or without Gio). 
  • Report Airshatter's defeat back in Arls, and travel back to Mt. Velus. Exit the area to reveal the Hot Springs location.
  • Enter the Hot Springs, return to Arls.
  • Talk to Peter and round up 10 women (Keina, Hom, Rorona, Totori, Astrid, Esty, Filly, Pamela, Hanna, Mimi) to get an event at the Hot Springs. This unlocks the "Girl's Bath" trophy.
  • After the Girl's Bath, speak to Peter at Namiki Road. He will ask you to make a Spring Pump and 10 Pipes.
  • Make the Spring Pump and Pipes x10 and return them to Peter.
  • Speak to Rufus to build the Spa Land Facility for 300 development points.
  • Year 6: 4/1 - Boy's Bath Ending

Ending Priority

Castle Life < Topsy-Turvy < A Rich Nation < Finally, As Planned < Now, Go Bravely < Alchemist! < Boys Bath < Witch's Tea Party < Strongest Princess < Miss Popular < About time

About Time

  • Note: This ending is not available in the English PS3 version of Atelier Meruru. All versions of Plus and DX contain it, as does the patched Japanese PS3 version.
  • Meet all the requirements for the "Witch's Tea Party" ending.
  • After Year 5: 1/1 - Synthesize anything for a scene with Totori and Meruru wondering about the Potion of Youth.
  • Go to Astrid's shop and speak with her. She'll give a recipe for a synthesizable Abyssal Soul.
  • Make the Synth Abyssal Soul. A scene afterwards will unlock the recipe for the True Potion of Youth.
  • Make the True Potion of Youth. A final scene will play, unlocking the "True Potion of Youth" memo in Meruru's notebook.
  • Go to Astrid's shop for a scene about her future plans.
  • Year 6: 4/1 - About Time ending


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Character Endings

There are 11 character endings, one for each recruitable party member, and one for Hanna and Rufus (available as DLC party members).