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Below is a listing of the events required to see all of Sterk's character events necessary to obtain trophies.

Events in Atelier Rorona

Sterk's ending requires that the requirements for the Good Ending be accomplished.

  1. In Years 1-2, an event can be triggered in the palace when Sterk's friendship is 30+.
  2. Starting in Year 2, Month 4, purchase all of the Sunny Crystals from Cole on the 15th. After this, Ster Highlands will be unlocked. Prior to this event, a scene must have been triggered in which Cole helps deal with Pamela.
  3. Starting in Year 3, Month 1, when Sterk's friendship is 60+, he will appear to warn Rorona about the dragon Sumi Sterm. Afterward, head to Ster Highlands with Sterk in the party and defeat Sumi Sterm. Once this has been accomplished, Sterk will be unavailable for 80 days. His final event will be triggered after 80 days pass.

Events in Atelier Totori

  1. Starting 2/1/1, an event will occur at Atelier Totori if Iron Rank (or above) has been reached.
  2. The following day, an event will occur at Atelier Totori.
  3. Speak to Cordelia.
  4. Go to either Atelier for an event.
  5. Again, head to either Atelier for another event.
  6. Enter the Sandy Wind Plains.
  7. Starting 2/9/1, return to Alanya.
  8. Starting 3/1/1, go to Atelier Rorona.
  9. An event will occur at either Atelier when Sterk's friendship is 30+.
  10. At a friendship of 30+, head to Artisan's Way.
  11. At a friendship of 40+, again head to Artisan's Way.
  12. Head to any location on the map when Sterk's friendship is 60+.Sterk will leave the party. 
  13. An event will occur at either Atelier six days after the previous event. Sterk will give you a Water of Life.
  14. In Gerhard's "Quest for Beer," choose Sterk.
  • NOTE: Gino's ending must also be triggered to see Sterk's ending.

Events in Atelier Meruru

  1. After discovering Quelei Forest, speak to Rufus. Sterk will appear afterward.
  2. When Sterk's friendship is 5+, return to Arls with him in the party.
  3. Head to the Study when Sterk's friendship is 10+.
  4. Go to Artisan's Way when sterk's friendship is 15+.
  5. When Sterk's friendship is 20+, head to the Study.
  6. Return to the Study when Sterk's friendship is 25+. There is also an event at this same friendship level at Hart Outpost.
  7. At Namiki Road, an event will occur when Sterk's friendship is 30+.
  8. Leave Arls while Sterk's friendship is 40+.
  9. Head to the Castle Gate when Sterk's friendship is 45+.
  10. When Sterk's friendship is 50+, go speak with Rufus.
  11. An event will trigger at the workshop when Sterk's friendship is 55+.
  12. After exiting an area while Sterk is in the party, an event will occur if his friendship is 60+.
  13. When Sterk's friendship is 65+, enter Namiki Road or Weapon Shop.
  14. An event will occur at the Workshop when Sterk's friendship is 70+.
  15. Speak to Rufus when Sterk's friendship is 75+.
  16. For the final event, head to the Study when Sterk's friendship is 80.


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