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Below is a listing of the events required to see all of Gio's character events necessary to obtain trophies in Atelier Rorona: The Alchemist of Arland and Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland.

Events in Atelier Rorona

Gio's ending requires achieving the requirements for the True Ending.

  1. Starting Year 1, Month 7, entering R & T Sundries will trigger Gio's introductory event. Two weeks later, he will appear at the Workshop, at which time his friend requests will be available.
  2. In Year 2, Month 10, Gio will become available for hire after an event involving the Raptorstein.
  3. In Year 2, Month 12, the final opponent in the championship will be Gio if his friendship is 50+. (this entire event is optional, however)
  4. Starting Year 3, Month 1, an event will occur at R & T Sundries is Gio's friendship is 60+. This will not occur if Sterk is still injured from his own events.
  5. Fifteen days after the previous event, Gio will appear at the Workshop.
  6. A week after the previous event, answer Gio's question positively for a two day trip that leads to Gio's final event. Declining instead will cause Gio to become unavailable for hire and prevent his ending from occuring.

Events in Atelier Meruru

  1. Visit Hart Outpost after the first development has been finished to meet Gio and Esty.
  2. Starting 1/11/1, Gio will visit the Workshop, and his character requests will become available.
  3. Head to Artisan's Way to obtain a trophy.
  4. After finishing one of Gio's requests, an event will occur at the Workshop.
  5. Going to Artisan's Way will trigger another event.
  6. After fully developing Yuvel, an event will occur at the Workshop.
  7. Speak to Gio at the fort after defeating Airshatter.
  8. When Gio's friendship is 15+, an event will occur at the Workshop.
  9. Head to Artisan's Way after Gio's friendship hits 20+.
  10. Two weeks after Gio arrives, go to the Castle Gate when Gio's friendship is 25+.
  11. When Gio's friendship is 30+, head to the Castle Gate.
  12. Two weeks after event 10, go to the Castle when Gio's friendship is 35+. Two weeks after his, head out to Hart Outpost.
  13. Two weeks after the previous event at Hart Outpost, go to the Castle when Gio's friendship is 40+.
  14. Head to Hart Outpost two weeks after the previous event when Gio's friendship is 50+ to obtain a trophy.
  15. Gio will become an available party member at the Workshop two weeks after the previous event (New Game+ ONLY).


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