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Below is a listing of the events required to see all of Gino's character events necessary to obtain trophies.

Events in Atelier Totori

  1. Starting in 2/1/1, when Gino's friendship is 40+ and he is level 10 or higher, go adventuring with him in the party.
  2. Synthesize the item in the recipe given by Gino, and give it to him.
  3. Talk to Gino when his friendship is 45+ and Sterk has already been officially introduced.
  4. Go to Alanya Square or Artisan's Way seven days after the previous event.
  5. Fifteen days after the previous event, go to Atelier Totori.
  6. Three days later, head to Alanya Square.
  7. A week after the previous event, head down to the Wharf in Alanya. Totori will watch Gino and Sterk practicing.
  8. Starting in 3/1/1, go to Atelier Totori when Gino's friendship is 50+ and his level is 15 or greater.
  9. Go to Alanya Square.
  10. Speak with Gino.


  1. Starting 4/1/1, return to Atelier Totori when Gino is at level 25 or higher. Seven days after this, return once more.
  2. Seven days later, Gino's final event will trigger at Atelier Totori.

Events in Atelier Meruru

  1. After discovering the W. Mine, speak with Rufus. If Meruru's Alchemy Level is higher than her Adventurer Level, Gino will arrive. If not, he will arrive later after 60 days.
  2. Head to Artisan's Way when Gino's friendship is 5+.
  3. When Gino's friendship is 10+, an event will occur at the Workshop.
  4. Go to Trombe Plateau when Gino's friendship is 15+.
  5. When Gino's friendship is 30+, go to the Workshop while Gino is not in the party.
  6. Return to Arls with Gino in the party while is friendship is 40+.
  7. When Gino's friendship is 50+, enter any area with him in the party.
  8. Head to the Workshop when Gino's friendship is 60+.
  9. After the previous event, head to the Workshop when Gino's friendship is 70+.
  10. Go to Hart Outpost with Gino when his friendship is 70+. Gio must NOT be in the party.
  11. After returning to Arls from the World Map when Gino's friendship is 80+, an event will occur. You must have synthesized a Regentium at least once.
  12. Head to the Weapon's Shop for another scene.
  13. Make Gino's best weapon, the Storm Saber.
  14. After equipping the sword to Gino, speak to him while Sterk is not in the party. This will provide a trophy.
  15. Seven days after the previous event, Gino's final event will trigger at the Workshop.


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