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Below is a listing of the events required to see all of Mimi's character events necessary to obtain her character ending in Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland and Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland.

Events in Atelier Totori

  1. Starting 1/7/1 in Atelier Totori, Mimi will come visit.
  2. Starting 1/7/4, an event will occur at Alanya Square.
  3. With a bag that is 80% full, return to Alanya when Mimi's friendship is 10+.
  4. Fifteen days later, head to Ateiler Totori when Mimi's friendship is 15+.
  5. Fifteen days after that, go back to Alanya when Mimi's friendship is 20+.
  6. In another fifteen days, again head back to Alanya when Mimi's friendship is 25+.
  7. Fifteen days after the previous event, go to Atelier Totori when Mimi's friendship is 30+.
  8. Speak to Cordelia after hitting Iron Rank. Mimi's friendship must be 35+. Then go speak with Mimi or go adventuring.
  9. Speak to Filly when Mimi's friendship is 45+ and 25 requests from Filly have been completed.
  10. Go the Adventurer's Guild when Mimi's friendship is 50+.
  11. After the previous event, receive a Rank Up. Three days after that, synthesize anything at Atelier Rorona.
  12. Speak to Cordelia fifteen days after the previous event.
  13. When Mimi's friendship is 60+, go to the World Map before boat construction is finished.
  14. When departing on the boat, bring Mimi in the party. Defeat the Flauschtraut with Mimi in the party.
  15. An event will trigger upon arrival in Frontier Village.
  16. At the Adventurer's Guild, speak to Mimi.
  17. Defeat Evil Face.
  18. Raise both Mimi and Totori's Adventurer level to 50.

Events in Atelier Meruru

  1. After discovering W. Mine, speak with Rufus. If Meruru's Adventurer level is higher than her alchemy level, Mimi will arrive. If not, then she will appear in 60 days or after Year 1 1/1.
  2. When Mimi's friendship is 5+, an event will occur at the Workshop.
  3. At the Workshop, an event will trigger if Mimi's friendship is 10+.
  4. Again, an event will trigger at the Workshop when Mimi's friendship is 15+.
  5. When Mimi's friendship is 40+, speak with Rufus.
  6. An event will occur at the Workshop when Mimi's friendship is 60+. Another will occur there when her friendship is 65+.
  7. When Mimi's friendship is 70+. she will ask for a favor upon entering Arls. Travel to Trombe Plateau with her and Totori in the party.
  8. Still at friendship 70+, exit any area with Mimi in the party, and then go to the Workshop.
  9. When Mimi's friendship is 80+, speak with Mimi, where she will ask you for a Rainbow Fragment.
  10. Give Mimi the Rainbow Fragment for a trophy.
  11. Mimi's final event will take place at the Workshop as long as Totori's final event has been triggered previously.


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