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Serri Glaus is a playable character in Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends & the Secret Fairy.

As a member of the fallen Oren race in the Underworld, she travels the world in search of flowers and plants with special healing properties, in the hopes she may use them to cleanse her homeland, and restore it to its former beauty.

Role - Character Events

Serri is part of the Green Plume clan of the Oren race. Her age is unknown, but it is implied she saw with her own eyes the devastation of her kingdom, as she has a certain distaste towards alchemists. Serri's clan was very close to nature, her design seems to take inspiration from Celtic druids, and her abilities in combat also reflect this.

In her first character event, she is seen talking to Lila. The Whitefang informs her of a story Empel read about it, wherein an ancient land found their home polluted, and subsequently purified it by planting special flowers all over their nation. Serri expresses interest in finding this plant, but Lila reminds her that she isn't sure whether such a flower would have the same effects on Philuscha-based pollution. Regardless of both the danger and the uncertainty of the results, Serri begins her quest for the flower.

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Ryza meets up with Serri in Flowerpatch Cape, where the two spot the elusive flower precariously growing on the edge of the cliff. Despite Ryza's protests, Serri leaps into action and attempts to climb down and retrieve the flower, but nearly falls. Lila appears on the scene to help her up, explaining she was worried Serri would act recklessly, and brought a rope along with her. The three of them together manage to retrieve the flower, but Serri then realizes it's purifying properties aren't nearly enough to cleanse her homeland. Her search continues.

A few days later, Serri knocks on Ryza's door, stating that she has something she must confess to her. She tells Ryza of her hatred for alchemists, since they were responsible for the downfall of Connodor, her homeland in the Underworld. She admits that she didn't trust Ryza when they first met. Serri once believed that "alchemists hurt someone each time they created something" but has in time realized that Ryza is quite unlike the alchemists of the Klint Kingdom. She tells Ryza that she trusts her completely, and asks for her help in locating the key to purifying her home of the corruption left in wake of the Philuscha.

Only a short few days later, Serri & Ryza journey to the Glass Flower Forest. They search for hours, yet each new plant Ryza brings the Oren appears fruitless. They return home, but Ryza promises to try again the next day. Serri comments on how proactive Ryza is being about the situation, and how thankful she is for her help. The pair return to the forest the next day, and Serri detects a powerful purifying presence near the Spirit Tree's Resting Place, noting she can sense it without even seeing or touching it. They follow the source and find a lone Segur Nohak, growing by itself on the forest floor. After thorough examination, Serri confirms that this flower's properties could indeed purify her homeland, but one flower alone will not be sufficient. The Oren begs Ryza to take the flower back to her Atelier, and use alchemy to replicate its seeds. Ryza worries, as she knows that messing up will mean stamping out their only chance of restoring Serri's homeland, but Serri takes Ryza's hands in hers, and expresses that she believes in her.

Ryza successfully creates a number of Segur Nohak seeds, and Serri is overcome with joy, exclaiming she's "so happy I don't know what to do with myself", telling Ryza that words alone could never express her gratitude. Ryza simply smiles, reaffirming that its her job as an alchemist to help people. She too hopes to see the restoration of Serri's homeland, as she'd love to visit it and see its beauty for herself one day.

Only a day later, Serri tracks down Ryza in the Farming District, where she presents her with a gift. A potted Segur Nohak flower. Serri informs Ryza that the seeds have already started growing, and that she detects an even stronger purifying nature within them than before, likely due to Ryza's synthesis method. Her gift to Ryza is the first of the new seeds that sprouted.

"You are an honest alchemist, and you will always be my friend."

Gameplay - Combat Abilities & Skills

Active Abilities

Stab Deals magic damage to one target and grants AP.

Low damage, but moderate chance to gain Wood Element.

- -
Spirit Call Deals magic damage to one target based on Wood Element level. +Knockback +Bonus DMG
Leaf Slicer Deals Wind-magic damage to one target. Reduces WT according to Wood Element level. +Wind Res +Bonus DMG
Ivy Wall Increases DEF in accordance with Wood Element level. +Max HP +ATK
Wild Growth Deals magic damage to one target based on Wood Element level. +Lower Stun Gauge +Lower DEF
Summon Balsam [Action Order] Deals magic damage to a single target and increase Wood Element level by +2. If Wood Element level is currently 0, sets it to 2. - -
Summon Hyacinth [Action Order] Deals magic damage over an area. Grants Wood Element level 5. - -
Spirits & Plants [Action Order] Raises ATK, DEF & SPD of all allies. - -
Eternity Bloom [Fatal Drive] Deals magic damage to all enemies based on Wood Element level, which then resets to zero. - -

Passive Abilities

Guardian of Nature Reduces the damage taken by all party members that are targeting the same enemy as Serri.
Spirit Power Extends the length of buffs Serri receives.
Nature Cycle Consumes Wood Element to replenish Serri's stun gauge.
Green Hand If Serri's Wood Element level is not zero, grants a chance to increase it by +1. This chance increases with Tactics Level.
Spirit Gift Increases all of Serri's stats in accordance with her Wood Element level.


  • In the Collaboration event with Azur Lane, Serri Glaus was classified as an Aircraft Carrier, with Elite rating as Rarity.[2]