Atelier Viola: The Magician of Regallzine

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Atelier Viola: The Magician of Regallzine (ビオラのアトリエ ~レガルザインの魔術師~、Biora no Atorie ~Regaruzain no Majutsushi~) was a Japan-only Drama CD based on Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana and also featuring characters from Atelier Iris 2: The Azoth of Destiny. It was only available through online order through Gust's official store at the time, on, being available after the release of Atelier Iris 2 in Japan.

While in localised copies of Eternal Mana Veola is spelt with an e, in Japanese materials promoting the game it is romanised as Viola.

Several chapters from the Drama CD were also available on Atelier Iris Eternal Mana 2 Original Drama CD Volume 1 and Volume 2 as additional content.


The Drama CD features Veola as the protagonist of her own adventure during/after the events of Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana; somehow Felt, Viese, Iris and Poe arrive in Kavoc; having travelled forwards in time to the point at which the first game in the series occurs. This is odd as Iris in this time is dead while her child-form arrives into the same time without issue. Characters do comment on this, including Lita Blanchimont, Iris's daughter, though the implications aren't elaborated much further.

The story mainly focuses on the group of characters assisting Veola in creating her own world and performing various other feats of alchemy. Veola's developing relationship with Klein is also explored in the CD, with her coming to blows with Lita and also forming feelings for Felt. Ultimately, her feelings for Klein prevail, though what that means for the future is unclear. Felt, Viese, Iris and Poe return to their own time as the CD ends



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  • The logo used is a pastiche of the logo of Atelier Viorate: The Alchemist of Gramnad 2, with the 'te' covered over with a cartoonish X. In promotional materials and the CD insert, Veola is shown remarking that she is 'taking over', to an upset Viorate
  • The CD includes the theme of Atelier Viola, a version of 'Flask Boy' with vocals.
  • The inside of the CD insert reads as a journal entry of Veola's, alongside scribbles of her and Klein and Lita being knocked out by a potion she created so she can't contest her love for Klein.
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