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Zephine Baudouin is a supporting character in Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends and the Secret Fairy.

She is a young woman, seemingly only a few years older than Ryza, who works as a waitress in the Café located in Ashra-am Baird’s town centre. Zephine has a warm and welcoming personality, and treats everyone she meets with kindness and courtesy.


Atelier Ryza 2

In addition to working as waitress in the Café, Zephine also managed the Bulletin Board. Here, Capital City citizens post their requests and troubles in the hopes that passers-by may offer a helping hand. Ryza takes a keen interest in this service, as she finds herself short on funds after arriving in the big city. The young alchemist completes tasks, and turns them in with Zephine for plentiful rewards.

Over the course of her stay, Ryza becomes closer friends with Zephine, and even helps her taste test new experimental dishes of the Café’s owner. However, the alchemist soon learns that the young waitress is the only employee at the Café, and manages the entire place by herself while the owner is away. Despite this, Zephine asserts that she loves her job, and enjoys coming to work every day, a trait that Ryza sees on display each time she stops by the Café.


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