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Guns are common weapons found in the Atelier series.


Atelier Rorona

Guns are used by Cordelia, although what she equip are the bullets.

List of bullets:

  • Normal Bullet
  • Strong Bullet
  • Special Bullet
  • Colored Bullet
  • White Bullet
  • CSP

Atelier Totori

Like in Atelier Rorona, Cordelia uses a gun but what she equips are the bullets.

Atelier Escha & Logy

Reyfer uses rifles as his weapons of choice.

List of rifles:

  • Scattershot
  • Silver Arm
  • Red Starter
  • Goltriat
  • White Feather 9

Atelier Sophie

Harol uses guns to fight. Like the previous titles, what he equips are the bullets.

List of bullets:

  • Metal Bullets
  • Piercing Bullets
  • Crystal Bullets
  • Diamant
  • Wild Cat

Atelier Firis

Guns can be equipped by Kald as a primary weapon, and by Oskar and Ilmeria as secondary weapons.

Atelier Lydie & Suelle

Suelle uses dual guns as weapons.