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This page contains information regarding the shops that can be found in Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book.

All of the shops in the game are located within Kirchen Bell.

Grocery Store

The grocery store is managed by Marguerite Behlmer. Her shop is located in the main street, and is available since the beginning of the game. The player can buy vegetables and other foodstuffs.

Book Store

Elise Phulie's book store is located in the Old Town, and can be accessed since the beginning of the game. She sells items from the paper category.


In the church, the player can offer "donations" to Pamela Ibis in exchange of items. This donation system works like any other shop in the game, but the amount of money spent will be shown when talking to Pamela and, when certain amounts are reached, a character event for Pamela will trigger (the last one being at 10000 cole). The church can be accessed since the beginning of the game.


The blacksmith is managed by Logix. It's accessible after some days from the beginning of the game. At first, Logix will only sell ores and low-level weapons, but after some events the player can unlock the weapon creation system, which allows the creation of weapons with materials. Later in the game, the player can unlock the weapon enhancement system, which consumes ingots to strengthen the weapons that the player has in their inventory.

Duplication Shop

The duplication shop is set up by Corneria after some events in the main street. She sells various items and is also the only shop in the game where the player can use the item register system (which consists in giving her an item that will be available for buying after a week).

Also, later in the game, she will start offering the refill system, which allows to refill the equipped items to their maximum uses after returning to the workshop. At first this will cost money, but she will reduce the cost with more friendship points (eventually the service will be free).

Clothing Shop

The clothing shop will be available some time after Leon arrives at Kirchen Bell. It works like the blaksmith shop, but with armors.

Trading Shop

In Tess Heitzmann's trading shop, the player can exchange vouchers for items. The vouchers can be obtained by completing request from the board. Tess only works on weekends, so the player can only access the shop on these two days.