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Chloe Hartzog is a playable character from the second series of Mana Khemia, Mana Khemia 2: Fall of Alchemy. She is a member of Ulrika's workshop.

Chloe is best friend to Ulrika Mulberry, and she travels with Ulrika when she enrolls in Al-Revis academy. Chloe is a very quiet and somber person, who has a very dark personality. She's very observant of people, and seems very judgmental towards others. Although she rarely speaks, her words are often cold and insulting when she does.

She views people as 'guinea pigs' that she can use as experiments. Her hobby is making charms or "incantations". Although she views them as a good luck charm, Ulrika views them as a "curse". 

Besides Ulrika, Chloe doesn't have many friends. She finds most members of Ulrika's group 'weird', although she describes Ennarcia as one of the only 'normal' ones.

Battle Tips

Chloe is considered to be the weakest among all of the playable characters because of her low physical defense and mediocre magic defense. Although she should not be underestimated since she has the highest Magic Attack and is capable of applying poisonous attacks. Her speed is also good and she has a good stun rate. Chloe is the only character to have the ability to recover small amounts of SP.

It is highly recommended to increase her defense as much as you can since she can already inflict high amounts of damage with or without equipment.


Skill Table - Grow Book
Name SP Cost Type Attack Description Type Effect Target
World of Book 13 SP Magic,Dark Book attacks. ATK Skill See enemy stats (HP, trait, weaknesses, resistances, and status immunity) Single enemy x4 HIT
Demon Lord Summoning 45 SP Magic,Dark Medium damage at the hands of a Demon Lord. ATK Skill None Single enemy x1-3 HIT
Great Demon Lord / Poison Demon Lord 115 SP Magic,Dark Demon Lord deals great damage. Higher damage to analyzed enemies. ATK Skill Poison Single enemy x3-5 HIT
Miss Grudge/Grudgeful Miss Grudge 42 SP None A strange doll that helps recover a little for a certain number of turns. SUP Skill Recovers HP after being attacked Single Ally
Cursed Doll 90 SP Magic Attack the enemy with a voodoo-looking doll. ATK Skill

Double Up Skill

None Single enemy x4 HIT
Night Stalker None Magic,Dark Chloe's first Intimate Strike. ATK Support None Single enemy x2 HIT
Hellburn Gate None Magic,Dark Chloe's second Intimate Strike. ATK Support None Single enemy x6 HIT
Exhaustion Spell None Magic A paper of a book turns into a dark mass & deals damage. ATK Support Poison Single enemy x1 HIT
Possession spell None Physical A possesed Chloe attacks the enemy and inflicts poison. ATK Support Poison Single enemy x1 HIT
Ripper Hawk None Physical Guard an attack for all enemies in place of an ally. DEF Support Reduces damage & null any Dark element attacks. All Allies
Charm Spell None Magic,Dark Summons a dark mass and restores a certain amount of HP & SP. DEF Support None All Allies

Her Finishing Strike is Lucifer Gate, Summons the demon Lucifer and attacks the enemy to deal super damage. Its attribute is Magic & Dark, targets single enemy and hits for x3 HIT.

Battle Quotes

  • "I'm not really up for this..." - first strike, big enemy
  • "They haven't noticed us, hurry..." - first strike
  • "I'm ready, I guess..." - Ready to switch
  • "Sweet dreams..." - Demon Lord Summoning
  • "Go to hell..." - Great Demon Lord / Poison Demon Lord
  • "Don't rely on me..." - Attack Support
  • "This is too much work..." - Defense Support: Ripper Hawk and Cursed Doll
  • "I sentence you... To be stabbed..." - Cursed Doll activates
  • "What a pain..." - using healing item / healing skill
  • "Disappear!" - using common skill
  • "We're gonna win..." - Unite Mode
  • "Just a quick jab..." - Intimate Strike 1, Night Stalker
  • "Hmm... Looks like it's over..." - Intimate Strike 2, Hellburn Gate
  • "I should share... Hmhm.." - Intimate Guard
  • "Say your prayers... Come out! I want everything... To be gone." - Finishing Strike, Lucifer Gate
  • "Ouch." - When low on HP.
  • "I'll return it 100 times over." - awaken from unconscious