A Memorable Scent

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A Memorable Scent (思い出の香り, Omoide no Kaori) is the third episode of the Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout anime series.


Empel presents Ryza with his Alchemist rod to make her alchemic synthesizing tasks easier. This gift overjoys Ryza, who looks forward to creating new things.

Afterward, Ryza collects an assortment of ingredients, but after realizing she's missing some, Ryza tries to sneak out of her house, only to be caught by her mother Mio. She asks that Ryza run an errand for Pat; despite objecting, Ryza does the errand and meets up midway with Klaudia. The two walk and talk as they head to Pat's shop, and before they part ways, Ryza promises Klaudia she'd visit her after the errand is complete.

At Pat's shop, Ryza delivers the items from the errand to Pat and learns he's restarting his business after accepting a new apprentice. However, he lacks a certain fabric, and after learning its ingredients, Ryza promises to synthesize it for him alchemically.

Mio Shouting Ryza

Later, Ryza visits Klaudia and enjoys one of her baked goods, which pleases Klaudia. They then talk about Klaudia's flute that she had hoped to use in the forest Ryza and her friends found Klaudia in. As their conversation continues, Klaudia asks that Ryza hear her play one day, and Ryza happily agrees to do so.

By dusk, Ryza hurries home, but soon locates the local resident Barbara sitting by the stairway in the center of town. Since she's resting after experiencing leg pain, Ryza offers Barbara a Blessing Ointment and applies it to her leg. As Ryza does this, Barbara mentions the local gossip about Ryza and her friend's recent antics off the island. It reminds Barbara of the antics Pat, Walther, and she got into when they were kids. Although Barbara would love to visit Pat, she can't due to her chronic leg pain, but she was surprised that most of her pain then had gone away. Ryza chimes in, claiming it was her ointment that helped her.

Noting the ointment's wonderful scent, Barbara asks if it was made from a flower, and Ryza confirms it was found off the island. The scent reminds Barbara of a certain flower given her after her marriage. Sadly, though Barbara didn't know who sent her the scented flower, its scent stuck with her. When Barbara stood up, she was shocked that her leg no longer hurt, so Ryza offered the ointment that cured her pain.

The following day, Ryza, with Lent and Tao, asks for Empel's permission to visit the other island. Empel gives them his permission; however, he also insists on sending Lila. Klaudia, who was also there, laments that her father wouldn't allow her to visit the island, but Ryza and Lent cheer her up with words of encouragement.

Ryza helping Barbara

Reaching the island, Ryza had planned on finding new ingredients; however, Lila forbade it and instructed Lent on how to proceed as they ventured forth. They soon find a flower that resembles Barbara's description and start harvesting some.

Meanwhile, Klaudia visits Empel's home, asking him about the flower Ryza was searching for. Empel notes that a single flower comes to mind, but it doesn't have a strong scent. This raises the question of whether the flower they're searching for differs and whether Klaudia should have gone with Ryza's group. On the other hand, Empel notes that she can't always be there for Ryza.

Back on the island, Ryza finds the flower they were all looking for, thanks to help from a wild goat. However, when it's delivered to Barbara, she notes that its scent isn't as potent as she recalls it. Klaudia, who was also there internally, notes that she was right, and Ryza offers to search again for it, but Barbara declines. Despite this, Ryza was determined to finish Barbara's task.

The next day, Klaudia visits Ryza, who informs her about something. Later, they visit Pat's shop to deliver his requested fabric and about another subject on their minds. When Pat approaches them, and they deliver the fabric that Ryza created with her alchemy, the ladies notice Pat's strong scent, which he explains was Delphi Rose Incense. They then ask if Pat was the one who sent a letter to Barbara congratulating her on her marriage, and Pat confirms it.

Happy Klaudia

Pat explains the story behind his letter inside his house and why he didn't sign his name. Curious about how Klaudia knew about the scent, she recognized it because tailors used the fragrance for their work. Although impressed by Klaudia's deduction, Pat couldn't give them any of the incense because he didn't have any left. Despite their efforts seemingly in vain, Ryza boasted about herself being an alchemist and had planned to create the incense alchemically.

That evening, Ryza and Klaudia ask Empel to help create the incense as its recipe wasn't in the book he gave to Ryza. Even though Empel had his hesitations concerning Ryza's request, he nonetheless gave her the main ingredient to the recipe, and Ryza managed to create it. They later sprinkled the incense onto the flower Ryza gave Barbara, who was thankful for the two's efforts. When asked where they learned about the scent, Ryza answered the person was too embarrassed to admit their identity; however, she already knew who he was. Amused by the response, Barbara, who could now walk better, planned for a reunion between the "Three Brats".

As Ryza and Klaudia walk together, they have a heart-to-heart about their friendship and the wonders of alchemy. Led to a small flowery patch, Klaudia asks Ryza to listen to her play her flute, and Ryza agrees to. While Klaudia plays her flute, Barbara and Pat visit Walther's grave.