Sunken Mine (Anime)

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Sunken Mine (水没坑道, Suibotsu Kōdō) is the fourth episode of the Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout anime series.


Ryza, Lent, and Tao reach the mine that Lila told them about. Although Lent was enthusiastic that they'd be able to prove themselves as real adventures there, as was Ryza. Tao was notably concerned about what lay ahead of them, but Ryza reaffirmed that they shouldn't let such dour thoughts and emotions hinder them and should press on forward.

Before Ryza and company started their adventure into the mine, Ryza left her house to avoid her mother Mio. Moments after she does, Lent and Tao meet her, and she tells them how her oppressive mother hasn't allowed her time to practice her alchemy as of late. Curious to know why Tao was there, he explains to Ryza that Empel dragged him out of Library and wanted to talk with them. Ryza is surprised that Empel wants to talk to them, but after hearing her mother's voice, she becomes unnerved and suggests they hustle out of there.

Ryza Game Synthesis Reference

At Empel's home, Empel informs the group that it's time to discern whether or not they've learned anything. Lila takes over and explains that their task is to investigate a cavern on the other island, by themselves and enforces that Lent act accordingly and not overstep things. Empel then shows a picture of an ore called Koberinit to Ryza and instructs her to fetch it at their destination. Empel also tasks Tao to follow and acclimate himself with his friends. Despite Tao's disapproval of Empel's assignment, he reasons with Tao mentioning that it's to prepare him so he can help them investigate the ruins. Hearing that, Tao understands and agrees to Empel's logic, who then informs the trio that their task will start the following day.

Later, Klaudia is informed by the group about their adventure, and Ryza alludes to a "secret", which unsettles both Tao and Lent for not being privy to it. Klaudia then talks about how she wishes she could help, and soon Bos accompanied by Lumbar appear before them and remarks on how they're going on another "pretend" adventure. It makes Lumbar chastise the group, and Bos comments on how they're associating with a suspicious person. Lumbar also disparages Lila, which provokes Lent, but Ryza stands up to them, making Bos and Lumbar leave.

Ryza Game Synthesis Reference

After their encounter with the two, the group goes their separate ways. Lent trains his swordplay during the night, Tao assiduously studies, and Ryza successfully synthesizes a Bomb. Though it's notably bigger than what's pictured in her book, Ryza was still satisfied with the end result.

The next day, the trio head inside the cave where the blue crystals around the place illuminated the area, but Tao was nervous about the monsters that inhabit the place. As the group decide to continue forward, it was apparent that someone was tailing them. They soon find some text that when Tao tries to read, they're ambushed by a rock monster, but Lent slew it with ease. Ryza then gathered its spoils, but don’t find what they are searching for.

They continue onward, with Ryza checking rocks for the ore, fighting groups of rock monsters, and Tao finding ancient text.

Ryza, Lent, and Tao as kids

Reaching the end of the mine, Ryza was disappointed that they haven't found the ore she was assigned to find. Lent then recalls when they were kids how they found some Fairy Stone. Just then, Ryza finds the Koberinit Ore, but was then attacked by a giant golem monster. Lent tries to attack it, but his sword does no damage, Ryza tosses her Bomb at it, and its explosion was so potent it creates a smokescreen. The explosion also creates a cave and while Lent and Ryza call out to each other, Tao finds more text and learns of another route out of the cave.

Following Tao's voice, they regroup with him and follow his lead out of the cave. As they do, Lent bumps into a fragment of the monster they faced off against and notices the markings on it resemble Lila's weapon. Lila as it so happened, was there and dealt with some of the monsters.

Outside of the mine, they're met by Empel who notes their disheveled appearances. Lila then appears and Lent formally apologizes for his hubris and notes how Tao's help saved them all. Hearing this, Lila praises Lent's maturity and notes he has the talent to become a warrior. Empel then asks what Tao's thoughts are about the adventure and he admits that his knowledge can help save his friends. Ryza then shows Empel the Koberinit she was tasked with getting, but Empel forces her to synthesize another Bomb, much to Ryza's dismay.

Back on the main island, Ryza fulfills the task, but Empel claims that she completed the task, but was also a complete failure. Empel details that the synthesization was a success, yet she's a failure, and lectures her why she's a failure in that respect. However, Empel asks that Ryza reflects on her failure, in order to become a full-fledged alchemist and Ryza agrees to do it.




  • Mio Stout calls for Ryza, but she clearly can see her daughter leaving the house.
  • On This Episode, we have a Synthesis Reference to the game.
  • Koberinit is a game item found on Sunken Mine.
  • Ryza crafts way above Quality items than necessary.