Taking the First Step

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Taking the First Step (まずは一歩の始まり, Mazu wa Ippo no Hajimari) is the second episode of the Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout anime series.


Ryza manages to set up her own Alchemy Cauldron in her home and plans to search for materials.

Afterward, Ryza helps out her parents with their farm, which perplexes Mio, but Karl thinks that Ryza has realized how wonderful it is to work on a farm. However, Ryza wanted to collect a Kurken Fruit or "Watery Plant" for her Alchemy studies.

A flashback shows, Ryza being accepted as Empel's Alchemy student. However, Empel admits he can't devote all his time teaching her as he plans to investigate the local ruins. Despite that, Empel presents Ryza with a book that contains a collection of basic-level alchemic spells. Ryza asks if the healing item that Empel used on Lent's cut was in the book, but she denies it was, as the Restoration Bottle is too advanced for her. Empel does suggest that if medicinal items interest Ryza, she should try creating a Blessing Ointment. The ingredients needed are Watery Flower, Bitter Root, and Serenity Flower. Then, Empel tasks Tao with finding a specific book. Lent is also tasked by Lila to draw a map of the surrounding area, but Lent complains he has no skill in drawing, though Lila doesn't care. It was training for Lent to familiarize herself with the locale terrain. One last thing that Empel imposes on Ryza is that she's only allowed to get materials from the island, and if she wants to leave the island, as for his permission first.

Empel giving Ryza her first Alchemy Book

In the present, Ryza asks her mother, Mio, if she knows where Bitter Root and Serenity Flowers are. Ryza shows the book she received from Empel to her mother, who didn't know where the Serenity Flower was, but the Bitter Root was familiar to her. Karl then looked at the book and stated the Bitter Root could be found at the farm by the end of the island. Hastily, Ryza rushes off with this information, much to her parent's chagrin.

Meanwhile, Lent earnestly tries to create a map like Lila requested, and Tao diligently searches for the book that Lent tasked him with finding in his family's library. Back to Ryza, she locates a Bitter Root, but a goat there snatches it away, making her have to find another one.

Walking around the village, Empel and Lila talk about the many ruins in the area, which is more than anticipated. As they walk and talk about their situation, Romy approaches them with her backpack filled with her wares in tow. Romy and Empel hit it off well as mutual benefactors for each other's occupation and goals.

Returning to Ryza, she spends the remainder of the day tirelessly searching for the Serenity Flower, but to no avail. The following day, Ryza looked at the two items she had collected and the various other materials she had collected in her search for the last ingredient. Although disheartened that she could not locate a Serenity Flower, Ryza tries compromising with a different flower, which fails.

Lent drawing a map

Lent and Tao enter the room, and as Ryza tries to air out the place, she welcomes them to her Atelier. The two then inform Ryza of the progress of their tasks, and they're joined by Klaudia, who delivers a basket of cookies. They all sit at the table and enjoy themselves, and Klaudia is thankful that she can come whenever she wants to and that she's already considered their friend. When Ryza notes that she's missing the Serenity Flower for her task, she shows a picture of it to Klaudia, who recognizes it as a flower she saw on the island where they met. With that revelation, Ryza planned to ask Empel for permission to leave the island.

The following day, Ryza and Lent, Tao meet in the village center, and as they head to Empel's home, they run into Bos and Lumbar. Bos informs Lent that his father Samuel got into another drunken bar fight and needs to deal with his father about it. Entirely against the demand, Bos flaunts his authority toward Lent, who says whether he likes it or not, it's his responsibility, and leaves Ryza and Lent as Lumbar follows him.

Later, Ryza and Lent visit Empel to inform him that the Serenity Flower isn't on the island and to deliver the leftover cookies that Klaudia made for them. At first, Empel acts as if he is against Ryza heading to the island, but instead gives her permission. Lila also permits Lent to accompany Ryza; however, she refuses to teach him any fighting techniques.

Ryza enter on a fight

Afterward, Ryza, Lent, and a disgruntled Tao who wanted to study further the encyclopedia Empel had him find in his family basement all head to the island via the rowboat. Once they reach the island, they pass through the tunnel into the highway where the Serenity Flower is said to be. However, when Ryza picks up some flowers, she provokes a giant monster, and Lent steps into action, and under his advice, they escape when an opportunity reveals itself.

By dusk, the group reaches the docks and runs into Klaudia, who stands by her family ship. They informed Klaudia about what had happened and later informed Lila about what had occurred with their encounter with the monster. From there, Ryza showed the material items she collected to Empel and successfully synthesized a Blessing Ointment with them. Unbeknownst to them all, a couple of boys were observing this, and one of them hurt themself, and the newly created Blessing Ointment is used to heal the boy's cut ankle.