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A14 Tunnel Concept.png
"An ancient tunnel of great import. "
          — Map Description

The Tunnel is a location in Atelier Ayesha: The Alchemist of Dusk.

A tunnel that connects Riesengang and Vierzeberg. It consists of four different areas and is a source of many stones and ores.

When Ayesha first passes through the tunnel her first through to Vierzeberg, certain areas are inaccessible. After meeting Nanaca and Juris, Ayesha will meet them again in the tunnel area and Juris will unlock new areas in the tunnel.

Marion and Linca can be seen here during an event examining the ruins. An event with Regina for her ending requires that Ayesha deliver 3x Gelatinous Jelly to her in the broken bridge area of the Tunnel. Doing so will allow Regina to fix the bridge.

Map Information

Name Ingredients Enemies
Tunnel Soft Stone, Peat, Iron Mixed Stone, Bronze Ore Mini-Slag, Grass Elemental, Fruit Hamster, Heavy Skin
Tunnel - Broken Bridge Soft Stone, Peat, Iron Mixed Stone, Bronze Ore Tree Elemental, Mini-Slag, Heavy Skin
Tunnel - Old Dam Salat, Crystal Stone, Mud Ball, Fluorite Tree Elemental, Mini-Slag, Grass Elemental, Fruit Hamster
Tunnel - Dried Waterway Salat, Crystal Stone, Mud Ball, Fluorite Mini-Slag, Heavy Skin, Tree Elemental


  • Tunnel Area Hunt (10): Hunt monsters around the Tunnel (10 groups or more).
  • Pick Tunnel (5): Gather ingredients at the Tunnel (15+ gathers).
  • Pick Broken Bridge (5): Gather ingredients at the Tunnel - Broken Bridge (15+ gathers).
  • Pick Old Dam (5): Gather ingredients at the Tunnel - Old Dam (18+ gathers).
  • Pick Dried Waterway (5): Gather ingredients at the Tunnel - Dried Waterway (15+ gathers).
  • Find Exit (10): Find the secret path in the Tunnel. 


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