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"Thank you very much for downloading this ticket to paradise. The entrance to Cow's Paradise is in a deserted house in Hallos Village. This paradise is filled with tender cows. Please spend a relaxing time with them. We look forward to your visit."
          — Atelier Ayesha Goal - DLC: Cow's Paradise

Cow's Paradise is a dungeon only found in Atelier Ayesha: The Alchemist of Dusk. This is one of two special dungeons that can only be unlocked through downloadable content, the second being Hidden Paradise.

Ayesha can find the portal leading to this special dungeon in the deserted house found in Hallos Village. Once there, Ayesha finds herself in a giant field with a lake with it surrounded by rocks. This place has a few monsters that aren't seen anywhere else; such as Mad Ox, Rage Ox, and Alchemy Rat. At the end, Ayesha finds herself face-to-face with the boss of Cow's Paradise, the Ancient Live Tree at the top of a hillside filled with patches of grass and flowers. After the boss has been defeated, Ayesha can look beyond the horizon to see trees and mountains as far as the eye can see.

Though this dungeon is formally unlocked right after you rescue Nio, you must significantly upgrade your equipment before heading there. The enemies there are quite difficult, and bringing along a big stack of powerful healing and attack items such as the Forbidden Capsule and Mirage Mirror is highly recommended.


  • Cow's Paradise was released for free back in April 2013 just one month before the second special dungeon, Hidden Paradise was released.
  • If you bring Odelia along and talk to her at the lake, she will mention that there is no information on this dungeon anywhere in the Zweiteturm. This is because that the two downloadable dungeons are not actually part of the story line.


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