Altugle Herb Garden

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"The entrance to the overgrown ruin."
          — Map Description

Altugle Herb Garden is an area featured in Atelier Ayesha: The Alchemist of Dusk.


"Built by human hands, and eventually abandoned, it is now a plant paradise. The plants, despite the course of human history, continued to expand their hold on this place. Of course, now is no different."
          — Narration

The Herb Garden is where Ayesha and her sister Nio gather herbs from. It's located behind their workshop and allows Ayesha to create her medicine. Nio went missing in the Herb Garden's Depths, and her grave is now located there.

When Ayesha visits Nio's grave on the third anniversary of her disappearance, she sees the ghostly form of Nio, and decides to start looking for her. This is also where Ayesha meets Keithgriff for the first time. Ayesha also agrees to shows the Herb Garden to Marion and Linca when she first meets them.

Map Information



  • Altugle Herb Garden
  • Herb Garden - Corridor
  • Herb Garden - Depths
  • Hidden Paradise




  • Pick Herb Garden (5): Gather ingredients at the Herb Garden (15+ gathers).
  • Herb Garden Area Hunt (10): Hunter monsters around the Herb Garden (5 groups or more).
  • Pick Corridor (5): Gather ingredients at the Herb Garden-Corridor (9+ gathers).


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