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A14 Ayesha Workshop Concept 1.png
"Ayesha's remote medicine workshop."
          — Map Description

Ayesha's Workshop is a location in Atelier Ayesha: The Alchemist of Dusk.


"An isolated workshop on a remote, grassy plain. There, a girl lives all alone. Her name is Ayesha. Even today, she continues to make medicine by herself."
          — Narration

The workshop that Ayesha does her work as an apothecary from. Ayesha's younger sister Nio used to live with her, up until her sister's disappearance three years ago. The workshop had originally belonged to Ayesha's grandfather, but was handed down to the sisters after his death.

The game's story begins at the workshop as Ayesha is introduced. Although Ayesha gains access to other workshops during her travels, Ayesha must return to her own workshop at several story points for specific synthesis. Most notably, the Nimbus Stone for the Dry Valley and the Flower Crystal must both be synthesized here.

If Ayesha manages to save Nio, she can be recruited into the party from the workshop. Ayesha will be shown at her workshop when the game finally ends in Year 4, before deciding which path to take for the final ending.

Map Information



  • Workshop
  • Go Outside



  • Ingredient Gathering: Gather ingredients needed to make medicine from the front of the workshop. 
  • Synthesize Medicine: Synthesize the requested medicine (Riesen Ointment). 


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