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Pirka is a character in Atelier Sophie 2.

Pirka is the owner of the store "Pirka's Emporium" in Roytale. She has the power to duplicate items, just as Corneria did in Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book. As it turns out, she is from the same clan as Corneria. She aims to spread the word about it and recruit new members to make the clan more popular.


Atelier Sophie 2

Main Story

Pirka introduces herself

Pirka's Emporium is the first place where Sophie wakes up after being sent to Erde Wiege. She was brought there by Alette who found her passed out in front of the Dream Tree. After Pirka and Alette introduce themselves to Sophie, they explain what Erde Wiege is - a different world, created by the Goddess of Dreams, Elvira. Sophie notes that she is looking for her friend Plachta, who should have arrived in this world as well. While they haven't seen her, Pirka and Alette offer to help Sophie and accompany her to the Dream Tree to look for Plachta. On the way, Pirka explains more details about the world, including the fact that no one ages, making it the perfect place to reach personal goals.

The group arrives at the Dream Tree, but can't find Plachta. Instead, they talk about the tree itself, as well as the goddess Elvira. Pirka explains that Elvira doesn't show herself in front of other people. Nobody has ever seen her, only a vague figure shrouded in light. Nevertheless, she doesn't doubt her powers as a goddess after seeing Erde Wiege for herself. Despite not finding Plachta, the group doesn't want to give up yet. While Alette wants to ask around Roytale for information, Pirka has to go back to her store but promises to ask her customers about the missing Plachta.

A short while later, Sophie and the others return to Pirka's Emporium, where Pirka explains her shop. She prides herself on selling rare items that she personally gathers out of town with Alette, and the fact that she is able to duplicate any item. She demonstrates her power, and Sophie notices how similar Pirka is to her friend Corneria. Pirka explains that Corneria may be from her homeland, since duplication is a special power passed down among her people. From this point onwards, Pirka offers Sophie to visit her shop and make use of her duplication abilities.

Character Story: Pirka

Sophie wonders about Pirka's connection to Corneria and what kind of side effects she experiences by using her power. She asks Pirka about it, but she doesn't seem to know about any side effects. She is, however, interested in Sophie's alchemy and wants to try it out for herself to be able to make, duplicate and then sell items all by herself. Sophie encourages her, and Pirka promises to stop by her atelier some time.

A while later, Sophie wants to know more about the relationship between Pirka and Alette. The two are so close, that Sophie thinks they could be related. Pirka explains that they aren't related, she just found Alette when she was new in the world and had nothing. Pirka was worried that Alette would cut back on food and sleep to save money. The two grew closer and moved in together. Alette repays Pirka's kindness by bringing back rare materials as souvenirs.

Pirka's first successful synthesis

As promised, Pirka stops by Sophie's atelier one day to learn some alchemy. After trying her best, she ended up creating a sketchy-looking item. While Sophie deems it a failure, Pirka thinks it's a great success and wants to sell the item at her store. However, she also admits that alchemy is not her strong suit and wants to rely on her "duplication power and artistic genius" instead. Sophie is just happy that Pirka seemed to have fun anyway.

A few days later, Sophie stops by her store and finds Pirka taking a nap. After waking up, Sophie scolds her for sleeping during working hours, but Pirka says that it's fine. She wakes right up when a customer enters her store. But as she says this, she is shocked to see her "pick-me-up milk" gone that she needs to refuel her energy. Sophie gets some for her, and Pirka thanks her. She then invites Sophie to join her clan, explaining that she scouts all kinds of people to make her clan more well-known. A while later, she also asks Sophie about Corneria and wants to know what happens to her clan in the future, but Sophie explains that neither she nor Cory know about the condition of the clan. Pirka seems concerned and worried.

Sophie stops by her shop a few days later, but finds Pirka sleeping again. However, this time she is so deeply asleep that she doesn't even wake up after shaking her. Sophie is concerned and waits for Pirka to wake up, which she does eventually. Sophie wonders if this could be the side effect of her duplication power. Her assumption would be confirmed a while later, when Pirka explains that she does become drowsy after duplication a lot, even passing out after using her power excessively. Sophie offers to help her do something about this. The two try various methods, including anti-sleep snacks, but nothing works. Sophie comes to the conclusion that, if they can't do anything about Pirka's sleepiness, they just have to prevent her from duplicating too much in the first place. And so, Sophie leaves to craft a Lilac Jewel Necklace for Pirka, a necklace that glows when Pirka duplicates too much. If she has it with her, she would be reminded when she uses her power too much and would be able to stop herself in time.

Pirka tries to use the necklace in her daily life, and Sophie's plan turns out to be a success. Pirka is now able to live with her power in a healthy way. She thanks Sophie and explains more details about her clan. Pirka is from a small clan that lives deep in the mountains, far away from civilization. Fearing that her clan is going to shrink year by year, her dream is to teach people from different time periods about her clan to help it prosper through connections and new blood. Sophie hopes that Pirka can pass her knowledge and experiences down to her descendants.


  • Pirka and Alette live together and are so close that some think they are related
  • She loves rare & weird items and hoards them at her store
  • Due to being from the same clan, she shares many similarities with Corneria, including design elements, duplication powers and a fondness of milk
  • Unlike Corneria, she doesn't shrink when she uses her power, but becomes sleepy instead.


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