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"*Sniff* *Sniff*...
Trust me, I smell trasure nearby!
          — Alette Claretie

Alette Claretie is a playable character in Atelier Sophie 2.

Before she came to Erde Wiege, Alette's family racked up a debt of 10 million cole. In order to pay off the debts, Alette entered Erde Wiege hoping to earn enough money to bring back to her family, and then to live a comfortable life.

Sophie can buy ingredients at her stall, Alette's Sundries.


Atelier Sophie 2

Main Story


Character Story: Alette



Atelier Sophie 2

Alette covers multiple roles in a battle. She has strong Wind & Physical attacks, combined with the highest Speed stat of all party members. Additionally, she can give various buffs to your team and apply debuffs to the enemy. All of these aspects make her a great aura breaker.

Active Skills

Upgraded Skills after unlocking all Bonuses
Attribute Name MP Effect
A23 Physical.png Mid Kick 0 Deals physical damage to a single enemy. (Power: 40)
A23 Physical.png Crucial Cut 10 Deals physical damage to a single enemy. An attack with a high critical rate. (Power : 110)
A23 Physical.png Plenty For Everyone 25 Deals physical damage to target area and inflicts 3 random status effects. (Power: 60)
A23 Magical.png A23 Wind.png Tornado Cluster 45 Deals wind magic damage to all enemies. Issues 3 Time Cards with the same effect. (Power: 60)
- Big Kusudama Launch 30 Applies 1 random buff on all allies, and restores HP or MP. Issues 1 Time Card with the same effect. Lasts for 2 turns. (Recovery: 50)
A23 Physical.png A23 Wind.png Rapid Arts 25 Deals wind physical damage to a single enemy. The power increases depending on the user's SPD. (Power: 120)
A23 Magical.png Ultimate Bargain 50 Deals magic damage to target area. Has powerful additional effects depending on the kicked item. (Power: 150)
- Support Guard 0 Note: Only usable while in the back-up team. The user will switch places with the target character and block an incoming attack.

Passive Skills

Upgraded Skills after unlocking all Bonuses
Attribute Name Effect
- Strong Legs Increases SPD.
- Starting Dash Increases the number of normal attacks used after the beginning of the battle by 1 and increases TP by 1.
- Special Gift Provides a 50% chance of shortening the target's WT when bestowing a buff on an ally.
- Sturdy Armor Increases the damage dealt depending on the character's SPD.
- Limited Sale When moving back, increases the substituting ally's ATK.
- Bonus Item Provides a 50% chance of issuing 1 additional card whenever Time Cards are issued.
- Special Snack Bag Resotres HP of the substituting character when moving back.
- Accelerstep Increases SPD by 2 stacks when breaking an enemy's aura.
- Single Swipe Shortens WT when there is only 1 enemy.
A23 Wind.png Quality: Wind Alchemy Assist Skill. The final product quality increases by 3x the number of wind links.
A23 Wind.png Element Switch: Wind Alchemy Assist Skill. Can change any one placed component into a wind component.
A23 Wind.png Link Morph: Wind Alchemy Assist Skill. Can change any one placed component into a wind link component.
A23 Wind.png Extra Ingredient: Gases Alchemy Assist Skill. Allows you to add an extra gas ingredient.


  • Alette and Pirka live together and are so close that some think they are related


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