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Elvira is a character in Atelier Sophie 2.

She is the creator of the dream world Erde Wiege. Initially, Elvira didn't show herself in front of other people, except for Ramizel. Every other inhabitant of her world has only seen her as a vague figure of light, guiding them to and explaining Erde Wiege.

As a goddess, she is incredibly powerful. Elvira is able to create worlds that are nearly indistinguishable from reality and is able to bring people from various time periods to Erde Wiege, a world where no one ages.

Despite being so powerful, Elvira's personality is more like that of a young child as she has never learned how to interact with other people. Due to this, she is naive, cries easily, and is prone to extremely reckless and self-destructive behavior to help the people she loves.

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.


Atelier Sophie 2

Chapter 3

Elvira introduces herself

After searching for the Plachta of her timeline to no avail, Sophie decides that a meeting with the goddess of Erde Wiege is her last and only hope. She asks Ramizel, the only person able to communicate with Elvira, for help. However, even Ramizel notices that it's impossible to reach Elvira at the moment. She locked herself in a different dimension and the entrance isn't opening. After a short while, Sophie manages to craft a Dream Solvent to open the gateway to Elvira's dimension.

The group reaches the Dream Cradle and find Elvira standing on front of an unconscious Plachta. The goddess is surprised to see the group in her realm and doesn't know how to react. Ramizel wants to know what's going on and demands that Elvira returns Plachta to Sophie. However, Elvira doesn't answer her questions, reacts defensively and says that it would be bad for Plachta to go. She urges the group to leave but Sophie doesn't back down, prompting Elvira to expand her wings and attack the group for not listening.

Elvira bursts into tears

After the fight, Sophie notices that Plachta is unconscious. Ramizel demands an explanation from Elvira, who reacts by breaking down crying, much to the shock of everyone else present who didn't expect the goddess of Erde Wiege to behave like that. Sophie shows compassion towards her but also demands an explanation. Elvira tells the group that she just wanted to talk to Plachta due to her being a soul inhabiting a doll body. But since Plachta isn't human, her soul is less tightly attached. So when Elvira tried bringing her to Erde Wiege, Plachta's soul came loose and Elvira lost it. She tried fixing it, but her powers can only affect dreams. Elvira panicked and tried to cover everything up while figuring out what to do. She explains that Plachta's soul still has to be somewhere in Erde Wiege though. The group leaves to search for a solution, while Ramizel stays to take care of Elvira.

Chapter 4

The next day, the group meets with Elvira once again to talk about Plachta. Elvira explains everything she knows about souls, including the fact that they can only be perceived as disembodied voices. Sophie remembers that she heard Plachta's voice in the ruins, which gives Elvira a big clue to work with. She thinks that Plachta's soul may have been drawn to these ruins' Dream Core. The cores absorb the dreams of people to maintain Erde Wiege, so other non-physical things may be drawn to them as well. The group decides to pay another visit to the ruins and Elvira assures that she has told her guardian to not attack them anymore.

Elvira's accidental reveal

A while later, Sophie crafts a cage that can hold and transport Plachta's soul, but is surprised by Ramizel and Elvira paying her a visit. Elvira was worried about her and wanted to see how she is doing. Sophie proudly presents the soul cage and Elvira praises her. She says that Ramizel can be happy to have such a talented granddaughter, accidentally revealing and confirming the relationship between the two and causing quite a bit of awkwardness.

The group wasn't able to find Plachta's soul in the ruins, so they meet with Elvira once again. She explains that there are multiple Dream Cores in Erde Wiege, so she suggests to visit the next-nearest Dream Core and look for her there. She also offers her power to infuse weather crystals if needed.

Sophie and her friends travel to the next Dream Core, but despite Elvira's reassurance, they get attacked by one of her guardians. Despite that, they manage to defeat it and find Plachta's soul. They return back to Elvira in the Dream Cradle as fast as possible, to bring the soul back to it's rightful owner. Elvira is happy about their reunion and apologizes again for her mistakes.

Chapter 5



Atelier Sophie 2

Elvira (1st Fight)

Elvira Boss 1.png Lv Species Description
40 Goddess Sophie: "When I saw you like this, I thought you seriously had the presence of a real goddess..."

Elvira: "Oh, but I am a real goddess."

Sophie: "No, I meant... Ah, sorry, you are."

HP ATK DEF SPD Weak Resist
16000 418 165 256 - Fire, Ice, Lightning
Habitat Items Cole EXP
The Dream Cradle None 545 908

Elvira (2nd Fight)

Elvira Boss 2.png Lv Species Description
60 Goddess Sophie: "What would drive you to do something as crazy as absorbing the Groll..."

Ramizel: "If only I'd realized sooner... But it's no use regretting it now."

HP ATK DEF SPD Weak Resist
40000 680 264 428 - Fire, Ice, Lightning, Wind
Habitat Items Cole EXP
The Dream Cradle None 1981 3302

Frenzied Elvira

Frenzied Elvira
Elvira Boss 3.png Lv Species Description
80 Goddess Sophie: "Elvira, you looked so powerful and mature in that form!"

Elvira: "Ehehe!"

Sophie: "But now you look like an adorable little girl."

HP ATK DEF SPD Weak Resist
100000 896 528 618 - Fire, Ice, Lightning, Wind
Habitat Items Cole EXP
Nightmare Muster None 6479 10798


  • Ramizel's concept arts depict her with the same hair color as Elvira.


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