Trombe Plateau

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"Has strong winds and amazing scenery."
          — Map Description

Trombe Plateau is a location in Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland.

The plateau is one of the main development focuses throughout the game. When Meruru first discovers the location on the map, she is blown away by strong gusts. After asking Rufus about the area, he asks Meruru to start developing. It's main features are the large windmills that are used for utilizing power.

Map Information

Name Ingredients Enemies
Trombe Plateau Balloon Fruit, Gravistone, Star Piece, Sage Herb, Undying Wind, Pollutant Fresverg, Jagd Wolf, Berserker, Reptalien, Bunny Puni, Crystal Pixie, Elder Griffon

Development Quests

Main article: Kingdom Ranks (Atelier Meruru)
  • Bird Hunt
  • Windmill Vane
  • Windmill Base
  • Calming the Goat
  • Plateau Winds
  • Windmill Gears
  • S.E. Plateau Dev.
  • S.E. Plateau Dev.+
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