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Fairies are one of the races that appears in most Atelier series games. They come from the Fairy Forest. For reasons unknown, Fairy names appear to always begin with the letter "P". Several fairies have demonstrated a sensitivity about their height.



Pattet - Atelier Marie Remake

In Atelier Marie

The fairy Pox visits Marie in her workshop in January. He gives Marie a bracelet which allows her to communicate with the fairies in the Fairy Forest. After this point, Marie has the ability to hire fairies and put them to work. The fairies are able to gather ingredients for her, or they can create items she has created in the past. You can also allow the fairy to play, but you still have to pay them and this option offers no real benefits. It should be noted that the fairies cannot gather special items that can only be acquired at certain times of the year.[1] 

On days 6-9 on even numbered months, another fairy named Patett will visit Marie's workshop and sell goods.[2] The items sold are unique, so buying them is worth it to use in certain recipes.[3] Patett can only be encountered if Marie visits her workshop during the window that he visits to sell goods. 

On days 6-9 on odd numbered months, another fairy friend named Pickue will visit Marie at the workshop.[4] He offers to clean the workshop for a small fee. Pickue will only appear if you've first met with Patett.[5] Marie has to be at her workshop during the time frame for Pickue's visit, or she will miss the opportunity to have the workshop cleaned.

Atelier Marie Remake - Fairies Price

In Atelier Marie Remake

Work as original game, the only changes are the map and artwork.

Fairies Prices

Color Prices Speed
Gold 400 coins Faster than Marie Speed
Navy 340 coins Marie Speed
Yellow 220 coins 4x times slower than Marie Speed
Orange 180 coins 5x times slower than Marie Speed
Orange 80 coins 7x times slower than Marie Speed

In Atelier Judie

Atelier Marie Remake - Gold Fairy

The fairies of Atelier Judie maintain Faktoa Temple. They are about 80 cm tall, and are all dressed in green. The fairies of Gramnad appear to be seldom seen in cities.

In Atelier Viorate

The faires of Atelier Viorate live in the Fairy Forest (Elvenwald) in the mountains to the west of Karotte Village. The eldest of the fairies is currently away from the forest, which prevents the fairies from helping humans. However, the adventurous fairy Paul offers to help Viorate.

While all fairies in the forest are dressed in green, fairies dressed in other colors make an appearance in one of Paul's skills. The Fairy Forest can only be accessed if the player has a Fairy Bracelet in their basket.

In Atelier Iris

Within the Atelier Iris trilogy, fairies look extremely similar to Dour, the Wood Mana. 

In Atelier Iris 2

Viese Blanchimont is stalked through the first several chapters of the game by a lecherous fairy named Poe. She is unaware of most of his advances, and after he hears her make a comment about Felt he believes them to be lovers. While crying and fleeing from her workshop, he falls through the Belkhyde Gate.

Notable Fairies

  • Pox - From Atelier Marie
  • Paul - From Atelier Viorate
  • Poe - From Atelier Iris 2
  • Pepe - From Atelier Annie
  • Popote - From Atelier Elkrone