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This is a list of all the necessary events required to achieve Nio's ending in Atelier Ayesha: The Alchemist of Dusk.

While Nio does not technically have an ending that can be chosen at the game's end, Nio's events are required for the "Girl's Gathering" ending. Triggering all of Nio's events will unlock the "Flower Smell" and "Sister's Thereafter" trophies.

Events in Atelier Ayesha 

  1. After making the Flower Oil at Harry's Room, Nio will appear. This will unlock the "Flower Smell" trophy.
  2. After the "Flower Smell" trophy unlocks, visit Marietta at the Black Cat's path to hear rumors of a ghost in town.
  3. Visit Harry's Room anytime after the above event to see an event with Nio in the streets of Vierzeberg.
  4. After the first two ghost sightings, Nio will appear in Harry's Room after Ayesha synthesizes.
  5. Once Nio has been rescued, put her in your active party and visit her gave at the Herb Garden Depths.
  6. With Nio in your party, visit Regina at her house in Riesengang.
  7. Bring Nio with you to Vierzeberg for several events. While in Harry's Room, an event should trigger where Nio is introduced to Wilbell.
  8. After being introduced to Wilbell, exit Harry's Room and there will be another event with Wilbell and Nio at the Hill Plaza.
  9. Take Nio to Marion's office and introduce Nio to Marion and Linca.
  10. During any monthly bazaar, Nio will have by now set up her own shop on the Vierzeberg Bridge. Speak to her for an event.
  11. With Nio still in your active party, introduce her to Keith and Odelia at Zweiteturm.
  12. After visiting Keith and Odelia, travel to Hornheim and Nio will meet both Kyle and Juris.
  13. If you have not already, win any battle with Nio in your active party for an event before going any further.
  14. After Year 3 (post game), visit Harry's Room in Vierzeberg after triggering all above events with Nio in your party for another event.
  15. With Nio still in your active party, travel to the Oesten Marsh Swamp area for another event.
  16. Take Nio to visit Kyle again at the White Crow in Hornheim for another event.
  17. Travel back to Harry's Room in Vierzeberg once Nio reaches level 30 for an event.
  18. After the above event, wait 10 days and then travel back to Harry's Room. This will unlock the "Sisters Thereafter" event and trophy.
  19. Finally, after another thirty days have passed, visit Harry's Room again for the last event.


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