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Below is a listing of the events required to see all of Tantris's character events necessary to obtain trophies.

Events in Atelier Rorona

Tantris's ending requires achieving the requirements for the Normal Ending.

  1. Starting Year 2, Month 1, Tantris will automatically be encountered upon adventuring. After a string of events, he will become available for hire.
  2. Starting Year 2, Month 4, an event will occur between Tantris and Meredith upon adventuring with him in the party. This will occur if three big stars were earned on the previous kingdom assignment. After returning from adventuring, another event will trigger.
  3. Starting Year 3, Month 1, an event will occur when leaving the workshop if Tantris's friendship is 60+. After this, Tantris will be unavailable for hire for a short time.
  4. A short time after the previous event, Tantris will appear at the Workshop. He is now available for hire again.
  5. Starting Year 3, Month 4, a scene involving Tantris and Meredith will occur if Tantris's friendship is 80+.
  6. Speak to Tantris to receive a recip for the Handmade Instrument.
  7. Synthesize the Handmade Instrument for Tantris's final event.


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